:saints: 💰 Time for a New Takeover Thread?

Hmmm? :thinking:

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Either a Chess Grandmaster or this. Or both.

Will be interesting to see whether it is him personally buying the club, or the investment fund his company is owned by, and which he is a board member of. Their Wikipedia entry says they were looking at buying Inter Milan last year…

This is worrying - he’s only worth about £1bn so we’ll still be poor as shit

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Good correcting, I did wonder what £1pm was :man_shrugging:t2:

The cost of a pint 30 mins ago?

Staff meeting at 3pm

Fronting it apparently

Announcement at 4pm on Radio Solent apparently

Fronting it apparently

If it’s going to be an international multi-club model as mooted (with us presumably at the top of it) that could be exciting.

He’s Serbian, Red Star Belgrade/Crvena Zvezda used to be really good and have an unreal youth academy….

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Yay Golf stories are back
Mr. Šolak is a passionate golfer. He was deeply involved in the development of golf in the Balkan region and serves as Chairman of the Board of the international golf group Eligo.

If only someone had written that idea into a Business Plan back in 2003 and been able to act on it.

Oh wait, everyone else did. Ffs.

Netflix Fly on the Wall being planned

It’s gonna be called

Enter the Dragan

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I had heard something on NYE - a friend at the club told me that they had received an email wishing them a Happy NY and some cryptic message about looking forward to some imminent good news

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And I am not sure about these Serbian fellas called Dragan. There was one in Layer Cake and he was a nasty bastard

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Semmens et al staying

That s fair enough - its not been the running of the club that the big issue - just the fact we are potless