💩 This is a shit idea

:poop: This is a shit idea


I’m going out to the van. I may be some time.


This Guy Did Coke Outside a Police Station and Obviously Got Caught

There are many places to snort cocaine. In toilet cubicles; off your phone screen in a tent; off a CD case at a house party that gradually but inescapably disintegrates into four people shouting at each other about the nationalisation of railways. So why, when you have all those places, would you choose to rack up outside a police station?

To find out, you’d have to ask the man who was arrested over the weekend after allegedly snorting coke outside Lewisham Police Station. Cops’ attitude towards drugsmight be changing in certain circles and among certain officers, but it’s not like they can ignore someone brazenly doing class A drugs – a very illegal thing to do – directly outside their place of work.

Lewisham Police Station shamed the man on their Twitter: “A little tip…if you want to snort cocaine after a night out, try not to do it right outside the largest police station in the country.” They then posted a photo of the man in handcuffs: “This male was detained by night duty C team officers and is now seeing the inside of the station!”

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Jesus wept. This is an actual, real life, serving politician.

The world’s fucked, yo.


To be fair the EU did bring out a table including the UK.

But yes your right its fucked up :lou_lol:


British Empire?!

Did we just get a new one while I wasn’t looking?



I have always said go for the pink bits :lou_lol:


Twitter should be removed from the hands of all people narcissistic enough to want to be a politician in the first place.


That’s a good shout.

Rare do you hear much good coming out of it.


I think it’s a shit idea to be homophobic. We must have seen this coming and that’s why we sold him when we did. Well done Saints!


Guy steals socks … Life term.


Jesus. He always seemed an alright bloke, clearly not. Fucking scummy behaviour for sure.

Also, can’t believe he is only 31.


Yeah I was disappointed when I saw that…pretty nasty.


It also says this in the article :-

Orange County said they “pursued the investigation vigorously” but found “no compelling evidence” to back up the allegation from US international and ex-Leeds United United midfielder Rodgers.

Hence the 2 game ban, would have been more if it was proved surely?


surely they can’t ban him for something that wasn’t proved? I don’t see why Robbie Rogers would lie about it


I think he was banned for profane language. The article is a bit short on details wouldn’t you agree, one even might go as far as to it’s sensationalist…


Camera appeal

If you are watching a La Liga game and notice fans seem to be crammed into certain parts of the ground while other areas are left vacant, there is a good reason.

Increasingly aware of the need to compete with the English Premier League for the lucrative overseas television market, La Liga’s bosses have realised a game played in front of packed stands provides a much better TV product, conveying a sense of atmosphere and excitement.

To counter the unfortunate fact many Spanish grounds are often well below capacity (not helped by the league’s unhelpful fixture scheduling), the authorities have taken the drastic step of introducing a new rule which will see clubs fined if the stand facing the main TV camera is less than 75% full.

The league’s rule book “strongly recommends accommodating season-ticket holders and other spectators” in the necessary seating, with judgments to be made on the decidedly low-tech basis of photographs taken by delegates after 30 minutes of each match.

It’s too early to tell how strictly the league will apply their bizarrely authoritarian new ‘incentive’, but there is comfort for clubs such as Deportivo La Coruna and Real Sociedad in the notoriously wet northern regions of Spain - the rule does not apply when it rains.


Reviving this thread, as it seems Snapchat just can’t help themselves. They’ve taken some stick this week, over an ad they hosted (it would have been approved, before running) that asked users whether they would ‘Slap Rhianna’ or ‘Punch Chris Brown’. Hideously poor taste.

Unsurprisingly, Rhi-Rhi wasn’t overly impressed by this. Having released a statement on rival site Instagram, it would appear Snapchat has had nearly $1bn wiped off it’s value. Shame.


Yeah, I know where you’re coming from. What the fuck happened to equality? Punch either of them, obviously.



One of our Krew works for Snapchat down here. We give him Instagrief most weeks.

But this type of stupidity really doesn’t help their cause.

How could anyone in any corporation let this get published?

Snapchats’ Gerald Ratner moment probably