💩 This is a shit idea

:poop: This is a shit idea


I’ll put the shovel away pap.

For now muthafukkas.


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Does anyone remember the last person to openly defy pap? No? What does that tell you, not just defeated, but rubbed completely from history.

Fatso is playing a v.dangerous game.

Lou. RIP *sobs*

People can openly defy me if they want. I find the whole incident a little bizarre in retrospect. When this place first stated, there was an intended niceness about the place which still exists to this day. One of the most fundamental early changes was dealing with the arrival of Furball, who could be considerably less nice on his day.

It was a whole freedom of speech thing, and I happened to be reading Trigger Warning at the time, so with the focus on not stifling debate, anything went. People could be as insulting as they liked if they so chose. A few uncomfortable moments is a small price to pay for freedom of expression, right?

It was therefore disappointing, having established that precedent, to have people say they’d leave or post less based on the content that they saw here, especially when decrying the quality of the site into the bargain. Backslapper ahoy, but there’s some good shit on here. At its best, it’s a damn fine read. Many of our threads descend into outright lunacy, and I like that too.

The door is always open, and the people that run the gaff are both non-threatening and there to serve the community. The little one takes the proper hump if you say his house is shit, though.

No they can’t !


Pap = bricktop


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Pap = bricktop

“Do you know what nemesis means?”


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Pap = bricktop

“Do you know what nemesis means?”

Is it what happened when Peter Gabriel left Genesis?


Or wipe your dick on them!!


The backpack gaming PC.

All fun and games until you’re more than three feet away from a mains socket :lou_sunglasses:


Jamie Vardy, who one feels could be a regular contributor to “This is a shit idea”, has had what seems like a shit idea.

He’s got a lookalike. Here they are in happier times.

Vardy has apparently blocked him from social media. There’s potentially more.

The player’s agent, John Morris, denies the allegation, though the report also claims that Morris sent a text to Chapman’s management company, warning that legal action could be taken if their client caused any damage to be done to Vardy’s image.

Perhaps they forget that before this record breaking season started, Jamie Vardy was most famous for his racist remarks in that casino.

Also can’t help feeling that in doing this, Vardy has harmed his own image more than a lookalike ever could.

Maybe Vardy’s people are simply “banking” Chapman for the next indiscretion.

“It wasn’t me. It must have been my evil twin. My evil twin”.



And then blames a man’s “negative attitude”, for his cancer.

I don’t think dude understands cancer, tbh.



Lol and the firm behind the ‘simple box’ have quickly moved to dismiss his claims!


Noel’s talent is making it with no talent.


Melissa McCarthy in any “comedy” film.

Her sole purpose seems to be throwing foul mouthed invective at whomever her onscreen counterpart is.

Watched a film with her in it last night and it was telling that I found Miranda Hart funnier than Melissa McCarthy


I quite liked Spy, and it’s the only Melissa McCarthy film I’ve seen.


Ah, I wasn’t saying the film was bad, it was quite amusing in places, I just found Melissa McCarthy unfunny.


Putting this here, as I doubt many on here are thick enough to actually buy this.

Let’s all get the violins out for Fuckface-Farage, the real victim of hate this week.

I’m sure everyone will agree, trying to paint yourself as the victim in this tragedy is a fucking shit idea.



With us being spring chickens on the ol’ Saints forum front, we miss a lot of the fun stuff that predates this incarnation of Sotonians.

This is an older code, but it checks out.

Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.

A man, aged 20, and a girl of 17 are believed to have been filming a mock duel when they poured fuel into two glass tubes and lit it.




I detect the genesis of a goaty vendetta