💩 This is a shit idea

:poop: This is a shit idea



Probably not the best time to indulge in musical theatre.


One of my colleagues’ mates is the star of today’s show.

What a fucking moron.


Twat. And she???


He claimed it was an act of “artistic expression" :lou_facepalm_2:

My dog does better than that every morning but I have to pick it up afterwards.


What a fucking helmet - didn’t realise it was illegal?? It illegal in this country, you daft twonk, what made you think that, in a country where they still execute you for various crimes, it would be any different.



Good. I hope the massive thundercunt destroys Facebook as quickly as he destroyed the lib dems.


Only allowing three replies in a row on this discourse thing


Other games thread?




Yeah that 3 post shit especially on match or cricket threads when we need to give you guys a summary of what’s going on :lou_facepalm_2:


Power through it. Tell Discourse to do one. That is what I do.