💡 Things it's taken you years to learn that you really should have known before

This might just be me, but during my midlife crisis/awakening* I’m realising there are lots of things I don’t really know much about (who’d have thought, eh?).

I had always considered myself an expert in everything - I guess age does that to you otherwise the world can be a bit scary.

Anyway, something I only learned recently that I really should have known…

*Rust Cohle tells me it’s an awakening, but he’s too good a mate to tell me not to buy the Harley.

If you get into a strange car and you don’t know which side the petrol filler cap is on, you can usually just look at the petrol gauge and there is a small arrow that tells you where the filler is.

How amazing is that?


The numbers on a toaster dial are minutes, not levels of ‘burntness’. Only found that out a few weeks ago. Life changing knowledge that.


A big lesson I learned was that I don’t know exactly what other drivers are about to do.

You get a feel for people who want to be in a different lane etc and you start to feel in control…

Then some fucker nearly kills you out of the blue and you realise that there are some people so random out there, they don’t even know what they are about to do themselves so it’s no good trying to predict.


Before Fatsod told me this fact, the following used to really twist my melon.

I couldn’t work out why people made socks that had no pattern on them except for the toe and heel where they would have extravagant colours or patterns EVEN THOUGH that part is usually invisible to the world.

The answer (according to Fatsod) is so you can pair them up after they’ve been in the wash!

Should have known that.

Although the title of the thread is “things it’s taken you years to learn…”, I’m including this one. I learnt this two months ago. The thing itself happened 8 months ago. It took me 6 months to learn it.

The Czech Republic changes its name

What he didn’t tell you Bletch is that matching socks are overrated.

Most people don’t challenge you when you are wearing odd socks with sandals.

They realise you DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

Barry will challenge you if you’re wearing sandals.


It has taken me years to learn that the answer to “Does my bum look big in this?” is not yes.


Barry challenges everyone about everything.


On many pedestrian traffic light crossings (those without audible sounds to tell you when its safe to cross) check underneath the Yellow box which houses the push button. There is a small metal “cone” and when the crossing lights change to green, this spins. It is designed for blind people to be able to feel, so they know when its safe to cross. Who knew?


What car has a petrol cap on the roof (top photo) ?


Mundane but it took me a long time to realise that you get nothing without hard work.

However much you tell yourself you have seen it all before, some fuckwit still pops up and leaves you speechless with their stupidity.


unless you are Katie Hopkins

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Yeah - but she works hard at being a cunt.

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I have only known Bletch for a couple of years max, but I have quickly learnt he knows fuck all about real beer!!


“It’s not what you’ve got it’s what you do with it!” is a big steaming lie.


That Bletch will only post regular, loud & celebratory updates on Fantasy Football when he is leading.

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I didn’t enter a fantasy team this year.

Or at least I don’t think I did.