The ‘why am I not asleep thread?’

Its 0317 and I should be asleep. Instead I woke up needing an age induced urination but decided to go all out. The throne is usually the best place to post from imho.

So why are you awake now ? Shifty go on the Handie whilst the mrs is asleep? Burglar on way out? Or like me in need of age related bowel and bladder evacuation?

(time zone freaks to remain silent as it not about you)


Because it is a + 8 hour time difference so it is now 11:55 in the morning,

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OOOPs didnt read to the end of your post AG :lou_is_a_flirt:

While you were watching tv I was sufferi g - bloody sinus infection - so when I lay down it resolutely expands and hurts like fvcks affects my eye teeth and facial nerve - so like a migraine.

So yeah I was sipping medication at 3:30am to no avail.

Arrrh couldn’ post anything as couldn’ see straight.

Hangover is much more manageable tbh

You are upvoted as ignoring the advice mademe laugh :lou_lol:

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Only just got in from an all night beer and sex soaked partyfest. You are old indeed.


Hard core! :lou_wink_2:

My all night party days of the odd sip of champagne and a few risque dance moves with nice young ladies are well and truely over…


And Mrs Bucks waiting at the front door armed with a rolling pin and a few choice words no doubt :lou_wink_2:

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Sinus kicking off again


Have you tried “Night Nurse”…it certainly knocks you out. It has an antihistamine in it too so will aid the claggy sinuses. I had a cough for 8 weeks…the tickley cough runny nose…not worth going to the quack kind of thing but bloody annoying all the same.

Max strength Sinutab (or local equivalent) and an anti-histamine (loratadine is my choice) worked wonders for me.

Only just got in from an all night beer and sex soaked partyfest. You are old indeed.

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Again? Mrs Bucks is clearly very tolerant, unless…and I hesitate to suggest anything else obvs


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Rolling-pin brain damage? :lou_lol:


I think that @bucks is telling porkie pies

I am keeping my beady eye on you lot

@pap is not asleep

@saintbristol is still awake

@dubai_phil is now drugged up to the eyeballs

@philippinesaint Is hard at work :lou_lol:

Go figure

Insomnia is a sign of genius mate.


Thanks but way past that.

Got whacked on the bridge of the nose while playing hockey (I blame Rupert). Never had an issue until about 4 years ago.

There is one tree here that gives lots of people trouble in a hay fever way (never had that before I came). Anyway after XRay’s and MRI’s finally fund the nose was broken all those years ago and so there is a slight restriction of the sinus. They could operate but “it has a risk factor” so no.

When that damn pollen hits it kicks off hours of running (Clarinase & Xyzal help avoid drowning) but every evening when I lay down it dries up and expands putting pressue on the eye socket and facial nerve and even some of my remaining teeth roots.

So the Meds are all prescription and the most powerful allowed down here. Ice Packs and Politices also help. But sometimes even a bottle of Scotch won’t work.

The simple answer is to implement the exit strategy and get away from that one damned type of tree. Hopefully 4 days in UK & France next week will swamp that problem with Man Flu.

Ah good old Man Flu…and as you probably know it’s available over here without a prescription so dose up while you can. :lou_lol:

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