The "What should we call Barry's thread?" thread

The "What should we call Barry's thread?" thread


From Russia with love


The ‘arguments in an empty room’ thread

(Based on the assumption that we won’t venture there too often)


Barry Island



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Horribly compelling

Thanks MoT


The suggestion by @Fowllyd followed by the @Goatboy suggestion, has a nice ring to it, fits everything(it needs to) and sounds cancerous. Perfect :ok_hand:


Barry Island - Home of the Whopper.


Do you have enough money to build a wall? To keep out undesirables obviously :roll_eyes:


Welcome back @Barry-Sanchez


He’s there and itching to go. Been scribbling notes for the last couple of hours, explaining why @saintbletch is an anti free speach Putin nazi.
Makes me think of this.

Edit: It is deliberately in Barry speak for the first few paragraphs.


But why cant i play?

Its not fair, its not right


Shorten it a little bit.
1, 4, 10 & 11 maybe?



you have started something now… soon we will all want our own threads so that we can just talk to ourselves and not be disturbed by the other cunts on here…


I will allow porn on my thread

PPP Philippines Porn Promotion.


Barry’s inner Sanctum - By Invite Only