The "What should we call Barry's thread?" thread

The "What should we call Barry's thread?" thread


OK, at the moment the mod(s)* are working overtime moving Barry’s bile into the Che Adams thread - no matter what the bile is aimed at.

This is only a short-term solution so moving forward we need a single thread where Barry can spew his cancerous content. Historians may point out that we’ve been here before…

This single thread where we can bank Barry’s bitching needs a name and that is where you come in.

What should the thread be called?

Remember, many of these issues NEED to be discussed and NEED to be debated, it’s simply the fact that at the moment Barry seems unable to stop sewing his shit-seed everywhere.

Over to you, Sotonians…

* I say mods, but it’s @BTripz really.


Barry’s Soft Play Area


Bazza’s Black ‘Arse’ hole

(You can’t fight it, the Gravity sucks you in, and before you know it gets very messy)


Sanchez’s Sanatorium.
Ubi disputandum moriatur


A Sanchez Safe place.

Well he wont use it will he ?


Modern Life is Gaoish


Everything is Stephens Nowadays


My Other Club is Liverpool


Northern Nancies


Barry’s Backstop


The Home of Hope and Optimism


Surely “old man shouts at clouds”?


Home of the Whopper


“Gao and spend some money on less shit players”


Großdemonstration in Madrid: "Sánchez hat uns betrogen"

“Viva Espana” singen und rufen die Menschen auf den Straßen: Zehntausende haben gegen die sozialistische Regierung von Baztardo Sánchez …’’


Dirty Sanchez?
Big Bad Baz’s Bag Of Bile and Bollocks?
I Love Derby?


That’ll take some beating (f’nar, f’nar)


Burger him


He exists…

Barry Sanchez, M.D. FACS