The Wenger Bus is Coming, it's Gooner drive you mad

Amusing enough title for you Mr @areloa-grandee ?

I really, really wasn’t expecting to start this match thread but rules is rules so needs must.

The Wenger bus is comign and every is jumping at 12:00 (noon) on the 10th December. Moved due to Arsenals involvment in the UEFA League!! Not even on the box…

So will Saints continue their upward spiral of good football and actually get some end product or will we revert to parking our own bus.

I think we could actually get something from this one, Arsenal play pretty openly and I feel that they are there for the taking.

2-1 to the Saints, another Austin brace.

It is down here @btripz on Astro Supersport so there will be a stream somewhere.

  • 08:00 PM

(L) PL 2017/18: SOU vs ARS

  • LIVE: Premier League 2017/18: Week 16: Southampton vs Arsenal from the St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton.

Saints 3 Arse nil

Shh @philippinesaint don’t want to get our @pap in trouble by discussing dodgy streams!!

Call that a funny offical match thread headerBT? its an improvement, but still a way to go.

my first attendance of the season, I am aroud for both Arse and LeCity, already a bit excited.


The match is in fact live on BTSport 1 for all those who subscribe.



Like I said, not on the box :lou_lol:

Mum’s 70th birthday round at mine - I am doing Lunch. :lou_surprised: MIght need to have an oven problem for 90 minutes and eat around 3pm…

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Yay - Saints on “decent” * telly 3 weekends on the bounce.

* for a given value of “decent” - money grabbing barstewards that they are

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This could be a tough call. Have the office xmas party on Sat night.

Do I man the fuck up and brave the elements (it is going to rain) and watch this, or wallow in my inevitable pit of self pity on the sofa?

If you were one of the brave souls who regularly braved the elements at The Dell watching real men wade through a ploughed field turning in he-man performances of unforgettable brilliance, you wouldn’t need to ask.

You would have taken two Asprin a gulp of Milk of Magnesia…strip to the waist and put your short sleeved T shirt in a plastic bag to keep it dry. Stand on the freezing open terraces and cheer the mighty Reds to a famous victory!

See you there. :lou_lol:


I think you already know the answer to that one…sofa :smiley:

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Shame on you!



Oh God the Pain more like

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Anyway, who the fuck has a work Xmas do on a Saturday??

Mine is from Friday midday until 11pm

  • I may have sobered up by Sunday, which is my birthday - ok, I’ll be pished all over again

I have Monday off work

50 minute transit at Frankfurt take off at 1230 UK time then wait for the on-oard entertainment channels to starts may catch 2nd half over Prague.

Or my connection is late & I spent a day stuck as Terminal man trying to get the stream on my phone.

Attack them we have a chance. They get near our box no chance. Unless Chazza starts will be Southampton nil

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Austin powers

Southampton v Arsenal (Sun, 12:00 GMT)

Southampton manager Mauricio Pellegrino has confirmed that Cedric Soares will be his side’s only absentee for their game against Arsenal.

The Saints have had mixed results over the last few weeks, leaving them mid-table. They have four points from their last three games, having suffered back-to-back defeats before that.

Striker Charlie Austin is in decent form at the moment - he’s nabbed three in three games - and it’s not gone unnoticed.

“I hope Charlie can continue in the same way, he is in great scoring form and his confidence is high,” added Pellegrino


Saints 2:1 Arse