🇺🇦 The War/Invasion in/of Ukraine

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Some updates.
Lots of Cyber attacks in Poland today.
Polish factories have switched production without orders to make things ranging from Balaclavas to Tank Traps.

66,000 Ukrainians have left Poland to return to fight. Just think about that for a moment. Unbelieveable.

That exodus has hit construction & agriculture hard here, projects will be delayed (who cares said the Mayor)

Police issue warnings about Fake News. Not from a censorship but to warn people not to panic and check facts first.

Russia did not abide by the ceasefire to let civilians escape. They gathered they started to move, they got shelled

Facts can be checked on Polsat News

Are there many border towns? What are the chances is the Russians advance of stray shelling into Polish territory? Will NATO see that as an act of war on Poland or collateral damage on the one that’s taking place in Ukraine? What are the rules there?

The war is focused in East South & North Ukraine at this time.
So no, not at this time

Oh, the irony - just like we suffered when the Poles (& others) left post Brexit…:roll_eyes::wink:

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TBH happened at the start of Covid we had big problems but this is different level, and, like the scenes in Mrs P_F’s office yesterday are heartbreaking - bosses trying to talk their people out of going and co-workers just devastated

It was more of the 2nd wave invasion (if that happens) from Belarus, this contains Belarusians and Russians attempting to advance, are there many border towns that both straddle the border?


That is worrying, for all and everyone.


You’ll only have 4 minutes to worry about it.

Which is why I advocate wisdom other rhetoric and the Polish Government are doing that surprisingly well while Boris counts his money

And Biden expresses concern for the civilian population in Iran

Poland is doing very well, it didn’t have much choice in the matter, when Orban is welcoming in refugees next door you’re morally and politically obliged to do so. The UK needs to take far more in and so do all the rest of the EU and US.

This is absolute gold.

Some context about the 66k Ukrainians returning to fight.

The average person wouldn’t know that though, the people deciding to return are so so brave and I don’t know if I could it, its easy to say you would but I don’t know if I could, absolute respect.

There truly is no hope.
Jesus H…
A bunch of crooks counting / saving their money in London and THIS is Washington

Who have the West been supporting in Ukraine?

Was there a coup in 2014?

Maybe there’s some clues in here:


Zelenskey is a puppet?!:

I may be wrong but in the free Ukrainian elections only 1.6% voted for far right parties?
The coup in 2014 may have been funded by the west, why not? Ukrainian people didn’t want their Russian puppet in power after he backed away from the EU and turned to Putin.
If Belarus succeeded in their coup against Lukashenko would you be against that?
And the rather obvious thing is you can only have a coup/revolution if democracy is denied.

Can you also if possible use more credible sources?