⚽ The Sweepstake - We've all got a semi

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have @Optimus-trousers randomly pick their name out of a virtual hat.

And so it is with our sweepstake - 4 Sotonians are left and only 2 semis between them.

Cough. :viagra: Cough.

:fr: France v Belgium :belgium: @SimplySaint v @KRG - Tuesday 10th July 19:00 :clock7:

:croatia: Croatia v England :engerland: @Rallyboy v @Fowllyd - Wednesday 11th July 19:00 :clock7:

Let’s not forget there’s money on this. There’s £ :one: :zero: :zero: to the winner!

But before we go on, let’s acknowledge the twats that had it within their grasp but fucked it right up.

We’ll not be needing the services of @Polski_Filip’s Uruguay :uruguay:, @Llwybr-Cyhoeddus’s Brazil :brazil:, @gavstar’s Russia :ru: or @SaintBristol’s Sweden :sweden:.

So close but yet so completely fucking futile.

That’s got to hurt.

And let’s spare a thought for all the complete fucking losers who bowed out at the last 16 stage.

So close but yet so fart(sic).

@Lets-B-Drinking’s Argentina :argentina:, @Saint-CD’s Portugal :portugal:, @lifeintheslowlane’s Spain :es:, @dinger’s Denmark :denmark:, @Saint-Rob’s Mexico :mexico:, @Fatso’s Japan :jp:, @Bathsaint’s Switzerland :switzerland: and @PhilippineSaint’s Colombia :colombia:.

…who also join the flacid dicks that couldn’t even get out of their groups…

@Goatboy’s Panama :panama:, @BTripz’s Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:, @Tokyo-Saint’s Australia :australia:, @BTripz’s South Korea :kr:, @tigger’s Tunisia :tunisia:, @pap’s Iran :iran:, @Bucks’ Costa Rica :costa_rica:, @prickly’s Iceland :iceland:, @cellone’s Senegal :senegal:, @saintbletch’s Morocco :morocco:, @SO5-4BW’s Nigeria :nigeria:, @Saint-or-sinner’s Poland :poland:, @Numptyboi’s Egypt :egypt:, @Cobham-Saint’s Serbia :serbia: and @JxgrSaint’s Germany :de:.

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What about using several turd emojis for fucktards like me who missed the fucking boat altogether?

Good call!


This is all so annoying.
I have a lucky tent I have to wear to all the games because we won when I wore it 1st game.
I have lucky underwear (luckily washed each game)
And I also have a lucky Avatar.
I can’t change any of that until Thursday Morning when it’s all over.

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Is that real or has it been photoshopped?

Any photo’s of me in compromising positions or just laid out on the floor are immediatly called as
“ thats been photoshopped it wasn’t me”

For some reason I appear to be getting away with it :slight_smile:

So which of the closed shop soviet / owners / mods is starting the semifinal matchthreads ?

Happy now?

For future any one, yes even you @PhilippineSaint, can start new topics you know.


We Know @BTripz but us proletariat want you to work for your monikers :lou_lol: