⚽ THE Sotonians World Cup Sweepstake

Well, the draw is underway and I’ll be posting the results when Optimus Trousers has finished spouting rubbish, announcing the teams and telling jokes.

The sweepstake results will appear here soon…

Lol that you have to excrutiatingly watch all of it to know who you’ve got

A link to the draw is here

In Summary…

 goatboy has chosen Panama                   Btripz has chosen Saudi Arabia
 tokyo-saint has chosen Austraila            Btripz - 2 has chosen South Korea
 saintbristol has chosen Sweden              gavstar has chosen Russia
 tigger has chosen Tunisia                   pap has chosen Iran
 fatso has chosen Japan                      bucks has chosen Costa Rica
 prickly has chosen Iceland                  cellone has chosen Senegal
 saintbletch has chosen Morocco              dinger has chosen Denmark
 so5-4bw has chosen Nigeria                  saint-or-sinner - 2 has chosen Peru
 saint-or-sinner has chosen Poland           bathsaint has chosen Switzerland
 numptyboi has chosen Egypt                  cobham-saint has chosen Serbia
 saint-rob has chosen Mexico                 philippinesaint has chosen Columbia
 fowllyd has chosen England                  saint-cd has chosen Portugal
 rallyboy has chosen Croatia                 dubai_phil has chosen Uruguay
 lets-b-drinking has chosen Argentina        krg has chosen Belgium
 simplysaint has chosen France               jxgrsaint has chosen Germany
 lifeintheslowlane has chosen Spain          llwybr-cyhoeddus has chosen Brazil


Where’s the fucking live feed? Clearly a fix. I wouldn’t be surprised if the money for the kiddies goes missing as well. It’s like Arthur and the Christmas club money all over again.


Japan? You fucking twat. I want a refund.

At least I get to support Yoshi.



Sod the sick little kiddies, I demand my money back

I smell a fix.

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Yeah, 'cause I was desperate to get Morocco.

Could be worse, you could have bought two tickets to the ball, kissed a frog and got Suadi Arabia and South Korea (ranked 31st and 29th out of 32 teams).

That’s gotta hurt.


So I got the host nation, I hope they Put-in a good display.






Will do alright if they stay on the marching powder and Fifa use the same testing labs as the Russian athletes.

The comment in the office was that one of my golf stories was more entertaining than the jokes on that live feed.

Uruguay are in the World Cup?



Didn’t I say at the start that I could buy 31 of the 32 teams and still not win?

I got Costa Rica in the work one…

Mexico, could be worse. They make tasty food. Would have preferred Croatia so it fits in with my work sweepsteak (and I only have to remember one team)!!

I’ll swap you Serbia, it’s close to Croatia :croatia:

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Thanks for the offer but I already have enough internal conflict in my life, don’t want to spark a boarder dispute to top it off! I’ll stick with the Burrito Boys!


You get to cheer on Tadic!

Or should it be


Yeah, that make it all better. Thanks*

*sarcasm btw


Put up a print out of the full thing then

Nope, I sat in a tent in Weymouth on a wet Thursday afternoon writing the code for sweepstake draw and Googling those jokes.

You’re all going to watch it for 24 hours* before I put up the whole list.

Fuck you and fuck you all.

*Well, maybe at least 2-4 hours.


:peru: & :poland:

Ranked 16 & 17

Shit, but not quite shit enough

Definitely won’t be watching