⚽ 🔃 The Summer 2021 Transfer Thread

Let’s start this one early shall we, @Barry-Sanchez has always said we should pick up journey men with no resale value, well here’s some bargains…


I say we should have some for sure, it would mean we’d have continuity and have a spine that we knew, the club knew and the team most importantly was staying around.
Contracts mean fuck all.

The AC Milan keeper! Will not be short of offers surely

he’s only 21 years old as well…

But we have 2 great keepers & a 3rd out on loan…

Zoo or Bee?

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Hang on a fucking minute… :thinking:

" The 30-year-old seems intent on fulfilling a boyhood dream of playing for Barcelona, where compatriot Ronald Koeman is the manager."

Are they suggesting that he has a motivating factor other than the money on offer, that he actually wants to play for Barcelona just because he wants to play for Barcelona? Do they take us for fools?? :rage::rage::rage::rage::smile:


Yeah surely he should play in China for the maximum big cash, right??


Wrexham will have money to burn shortly, once the takeover goes through. They’ll make it worth his while :+1::+1:


I thought Ings was going there for the cash?

Going for the dough, Koeman won’t be there, the proof will be will he still go if Koeman isn’t there, how much money will he be on?

A fucking whole lot more than Liverpool and they’re closer to winning titles and cups at the moment, boyhood dream my arse.

Have Barcelona bid for Danny Ings?

They’re skint now.


Read this baby.

£3m per year max. Even Wesly Hoedt would tell them to fuck off

Yep, why we don’t do that is beyond me, football needs to change or it will eat itself.

It will never happen because it is not in the interest of anyone who counts

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Keep up fella, we’re talking the bright lights of Wrexham… :man_facepalming:

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I am jealous, well jealous, this is show business and they aren’t taking themselves too seriously yet taking the football it would appear so, if Wrexham offered the money why wouldn’t he?

Well they’ve invested £2million so I suppose they could pay his wages for five months.

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The fucking laugh they must be having, the town is bouncing I know that much with the takeover, what the fuck do we have, its typical Sotonian to mock a fucking awesome takeover, we’re the ultimate shitshow of how not to do it.