⚽ The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

:soccer: The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread


Should take him about 18 months to sort his hairstyle out so he can sign for scousehampton



Sounds like a busy 24 hours for the media team


In Corporate speak does that mean SIGNING(S) :grinning:



That sounds promising


Go on how much have we spent so far of our brasic owners money?


And new thread



Seems we’re now being linked with every “highly rated” player out there


FFS we HAVE to go for this guy he comes with his own song…


I have been informed by an impeccably unreliable source that we are allegedly after a player who will be a surprise who has not been linked or leaked.
No idea on anything more than that, just worth watching the rumour mills and if a new name comes up then it could be real.
No clues nothing more.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s the worst bit of ITKness that I’ve ever seen.


Not Saints related but Ronaldo is joining juventus for €100m


As it is a slow news day, and I cannot rival @Dubai_Phil’s mate’s ITKness, I just thought I’d search #saintsfc on twitter for bants. This one tickled me although there are plenty others. The replies are just as bad, although not as bad as the comments section on Ugly Inside or the Echo.

Not only has Vestergaard not actually signed yet, nor kicked a ball for us, he is still apparently our best centre back. And people say football fans are fickle.

That said, I’d probably agree with Stephens being at the bottom :laughing:


Gunn deal all done medical passed






Surely we’re not signing him AND the Danish chap? Seems excessive.