The Sotonians Transfers Thread

The Sotonians Transfers Thread


Transfer news and rumours for the Saints here, Sotonians!

Cedric Soares (RB, Sporting) 3.5m
Juanmi (FW, Malaga) 5.5m


Now go get Bucks!


The latest on Schneiderlin is that we’re holding out for £25million, but the Arse aren’t up for paying it. Wenger apparently looking at other targets.

Arsene Wenger unprepared to stump up £25m for Morgan Schneiderlin

The worry about that is United probably will.


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Now go get Bucks!


Saint Armstrong


George Weah Cousin





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Saint Armstrong


George Weah Cousin




I’d love to see Pap make a bid for Redslo, but I’m worried he might find the majority of content on here a bit overwhelming.


Work permit is difficult also, for non EU bros.


Liverpool are now reported to be looking into Trippier instead of Clyne. They look to be another club that aren’t happy with the prices were quoting. Some may conclude that fingers throughly burned last season, Liverpool have learned their lesson on transfers. Possibly. I reckon if they had the Suarez cash, they’d be splashing the cash on a collection of players they’ve no idea how to use right now.

This is a rather cheeky piece. Would moving to Liverpool be beneficial to Nathaniel Clyne?

The money can surely be the only difference at this point. Does the extra cash justify the upheaval of leaving an environment you’re succeeding in? For all the bollocks you’ve heard about Rodgers improving players (Suarez being the poster child), Lallana, Lambert and Lovren are all worse players than they were at Southampton.


We must have missed this in our storm of hilarity.

Saints fans react furiously after Arsenal tweet details of Schneiderlin and Wanyama’s futures

Cheeky bastards. And I always used to big them up for never taking the piss when coming in for our players.


I’ve already pm’d strongarms. No reply :slight_frown:


If it was to be one of Danny Ings or Charlie Austin, which one would you go for?

Ings for me. I like the cut of his jib.


My sources are telling me that we are close to signing Alex Song for £8m. I’d be very happy with that.


Mine too.

I really rated him at Arsenal, but I’ve seen him a couple of times at West Ham, and I wasn’t that impressed. Seemed to get flustered if he was pressured.

It should be said that the the West Ham fans apparently loved him, so my view might not be representative of his season.


Not convinced by Song. Inconsistent and high wages. Good price at £8m though.


I think Song would play well in a more structured side than the Hammers. Alos, it couldn’t have been fun playing for a manager who was always going to get pushed out at the end of the season - the vibes would have been all wrong. Would like to see him playing for Saints.


Cheeky shits. That said, it was probably a junior social media bod not really thinking that through…


Loic Remy, anyone?

Doesn’t feel he’s getting enough first team action where he is.


Seems Ings is going to Liverpool.


Danny Ings signs for Liverpool.

Yup, GB.


Good-O. I’m not afraid of facing England B next season.


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Good-O. I’m not afraid of facing Liverpool’s England B team next season.

How the mighty have fallen. From Suarez to Balotelli to Ings in two seasons.

Liverpool bought players from the team that finished 8th last year, plus a player that no manager on Earth seems to trust or be able to accommodate. This year they are buying players from relegated teams.