⚽ :pl: The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2020-21

Right, we’ve got a new season and a new thread for the race for the prize and to answer the main question - who’ll come second to Bletch?

It’s less than 24 hours until kick-off and I still haven’t picked a team so I’m going to have to pull my finger out and win* this thing again.

If you’ve never played before this follow this link, read the rules and create a team.

Once you’ve got yourself a team that could potentially finish second to me, click on this link to join the Sotonians league.

Or use the league code 3r9xzz when prompted.

This is where we stand at the moment - me on top and @Bucks bringing up the rear as usual.

* Bletch didn’t win it last year, but he beat all the people that still post regularly and they’re all sore as fuck about it.

In your brain maybe…

I had a target if not coming last in 2019/20
I greatly over achieved considering I had Che Adam’s in for the first few weeks & didn’t know the rules.
I’m looking to hit the heights of mid-table mediocrity this year

Speaking as a neutral outsider, didn’t you flounce off last season in a huff, when you were in last place or near on?

No, I flounced from the prediction league when it wanted me to a) predict 10 matches a day for 2 weeks and b) predict results whilst in hospital.

If memory serves, I’ve never been beaten in Fantasy Football by this bunch of losers.

You’re my hero!

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We havd been through this. The latest table ffs


It’s deja vu all over again.

Nope. Feeble try

@saintbletch has been very quiet about this weeks scores :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
1 AFC FFS Chris Baughan 92 92
2 2Götze1Klopp Mathew Smith 77 77
3 Alpha Hogs Steve Horrigan 73 73
4 Believe Ing Saints Bob Bain 71 71
5 Stranger Ings Joelyon Roberts 70 70
6 Bletch FC Danny Goodall 69 69
7 Rob’s Rovers Rob Blakey 66 66
8 saint no joke Phil Cook 62 62
9 Caldicot Saints Michael Bradley 61 61
10 Alan Latchley XI Harpal Bains 59 59
11 Charity Chaffinch Simon Partlett 53 53
12 Romeu & Juliet Matthew Ingate 52 52
13 Real Zaragavstar Gavin Davis 51 51
14 Virtual Saint Richard Burt 48 48
15 Sex Drugs and Mane James McCall 46 46
16 Hughie’s Saints Hugh Lalor 44 44
17 Wem Wanderers Geoff Soul 41 41
18 Ingstant Karma Lewis Lambeth 39 39
19 Ostrich II Martin Ostrich 37 37
20 Unbelievable Jeff! Clint Eastwood 34 34
21 The Santa Marias Philip Hughes 32 32
22 things going Ings Harry Houdini 29 29
23 bath saint Mark Hall 19 19
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Think that was my total for the whole of last season!

A not shit week!

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Amazing the improvement when you remember to check who you had as Captain & Vice Captain in week 1 :lou_facepalm_2:

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How the fuck do WHam win 4-0 and I only get 2 points for Antonio?

He’s the master exponent of the pre-assist assist

Fuck FF FFS!

And you lost a goal & Coady got MINUS points as a result.

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So, after last weeks strange results we have a new leader, sorry Rob I don’t know your forum name so I can’t mention you directly, despite a decent score of 60 points @Bathsaint still props up the table, the strongest forum member…

Here’s Rob’s team that scored him 71 points for this weeks best score

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Thanks mate, that is me! Dont worry, I won’t stay up there for too for long, I usually get a third of the way into the season, get busy (aka busier) with work and start forgetting to check the team and inevitably end up fighting against relegation by the end!!


Did I come first and second last season? I know I beat beltch so that’s all that matters really.