🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

The biggest and most anticipated Sci Fi event of the year has been the launch on Netflix of 3 Body Problem.
An adaptation of a Chinese trilogy.
(They love their SciFi - Wandering Earth and stuff is all not shit)

So the show has dropped and wow, the responses and reviews are as divisive as a new Nike England Kit.

So after one episode my review? They tried very hard to be not shit, but went one step further. It’s watchably not shit and comes almost close to “wanting to watch the next episode NOW”

I’m sure some will hate it some will love it. I am fighting for access to the TV as I type

*The world’s best physicists look, talk and act like they’ve just come from the set of Love Island. Who in God’s name cast this? It is like seeing Logan Paul play William Shakespeare, or Dolly Parton play Margaret Thatcher, Mike Tyson play Ghandi. *

In terms of suspending disbelief, that is not a good start. Understandly, the writers didn’t want to go against the flow of current fashionable DEI themes, but the casting here is beyond ridiculous. It also immediately tells you a lot about the (un)originality of the writers, their unwillingness to surprise, shock, subvert the current platitudes of identity politics we see in almost everything on TV. This alone ensures it cannot be good art. Art is subverise, good art, not propagandistic…like in Mao’s China. How ironic. This is yet another series that seems to sacrifice good storytelling to push an agenda. Be diverse by all means, but at least hire someone who remotely looks believable in their parts. The desperation to miscast tells you a lot about the quality and intellect of the creators.

I’m on episode 4 already



I never read the books.

Why have they not released S2 books 2.5 to 3 already?

Constellation Ep 7.




Fuck Yeah

I’m really getting put off watching it by the acting, and I use the term loosely, of the girl.

Just like the little girl in Invasion, which is also good BTW, was putting me off :-

Mum : Shush or the aliens will hear us
Little Girls : in an annoying high pitch whine, I’m scared mummy, I’m scared…

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Spolier alert Constellation

You can read if up to date with the show.

Before the finale, it is recommended to watch Episode 1 again. There are a number of very subtle “continuity” errors eg annoying girl having slightly different clothing. A back pack/no backpack, a wine glass filling itself and bedtime stories.

And obviously the annoying little girl and her language / interaction issues

These are very clever Easter Eggs helping to set up the story, designed to be almost subliminal

Read more

About 50 years after it came out, i like to think i kind of understood the ending of 2001 a Space Odyssey.

Not sure I’ll be around in 50 years time to fully work out the ending of Constellation though.

I think it was very clever

Of course.
There were two Alice’s
Double tge annoyance Bob.
They were Twis.
Oh and obviiusly Superposition theory of Quantum Mechanics.
Should have known that from A- Level Physics

I’ve got a degree in the stuff, doesn’t make it any easier to understand…

Reassuring to know I saved all that time not talking a degree in Physics. Thanks. :smiley:

I can talk a good job at physics but only got a CSE in it

@scotty No

LOTS of unconfirmed rumours popping up in different feeds on Twitter and FB that Season 4 of The Orville has actually been given the go ahead
:pray: :pray: :pray:


For the live of God do not start watching Fallout.

It’s a trap.

You will need a sick note to explain why you binged it and forgot to go to work

Series 5 of For All Mankind confirmed AND a new Spin Off series - boom!

I’ve been watching X-Men 97. I’m very impressed with this continuation of the 90s show. It’s had considerably more money spent on it, which was one of the few problems the original show had.

Episodes seem as long as they need to be to tell the story.

Oh, and that theme music…

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Space Babies
Bogey Man
And a huge fart.

This new Dr Who could be fun


A Dune prequel T series - coming soon no less

Outer Range. Amazon.
This was Josh Brolins’ 1923. Or even Yellowstone in S1.
Except there was a hole in the ground.
And some sort of shit went around.

Well. S2 has dropped and episode 1 starts with well, not a lot to be honest, some leftovers from a stampede of Buson, a Deputt finding herself in 1888, Josh explaining he’s 146 years old and more.

This is a very good SciFu show. Like Constellation makes you think.