🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


I like the look of that footage pap, I liked bits and pieces of BvS (opening sequence, batman taking out all the guys in the warehouse and Jeremy Irons as Alfred) but was overall left feeling a bit flat, this has a much better vibe to it I think :lou_smiley:


You can thank ms pap for that. She put me onto it.

Feels a lot breezier.


Not hard though eh? Hotel Rwanda was breezier than BvS :lou_wink_2:

I just hope the first 45 minutes of the film isn’t Batman and Wonder Woman rounding up the others, I’d be quite happy if they released 3 trailers about 2-3 minutes long showing the recruitment of each of the members of JL, then leave that footage out of the final cut and get on with the story. But I guess that would only work for people who will seek out and watch all the trailers. And pass my thanks to ms pap, didn’t even realise there was any footage out there yet.


Movie - Freaks of Nature.

Airplane the Movie for Zombie/ Vampire/Alien Invasion fans…

Aliens invade a town where Zombies Werewolves Vampires & Humans live. High School comedy stuff.

It mixes everything into a comedy gore fest Gross but funny.

Far too many teen angst sex jokes to list.


Star Trek: Beyond was fantastic, by far my favourite of the 3 films to date.

Very excited for the DC stuff released from SDCC, especially Justice League. Looks like they’ve learned from BvS (which I still liked) and are going for a more upbeat tone which will play well with audiences. The Marvel TV stuff looks good too, although I cba with the film stuff they released - Marvel films feel so formulaic and tired now. Not looking forward to a single Marvel film release aside from maybe Ant-Man and The Wasp because I like Paul Rudd.

Other things of note from SDCC, the Kong: Skull Island trailer blew me away. Behold!


Phew. Someone else has seen Star Trek!

Still bet Pap will moan about Franklin being NX 32Something or Motorbikes or whatever

And yes, the Justice League trailer looked good plus Will Smith is heading down here for the Premiere engage stalking mode

(Actually he is a good “mate” of the Dubai Saints Krew being a regular at Barasti amazingly!


Deadpool Honest Trailer. Featuring Deadpool himself. Of course it would :lou_wink_2:


Russian capeshit starring Bearsy as Arsus:


Intiniki will like this, Jason Momoa as Aquaman!!!



Blimey. Over a month without any new capeshit. No longer.

While it might disappoint on the cape front, and indeed the shit front, I am about halfway through Marvel’s Luke Cage, released on Netflix over the weekend.

It’s the third show to emerge from the Defenders project. We’ve one more solo show to go, Iron Fist, before all four feature in a show called the Defenders.

Luke Cage is interesting stuff. It’s so grounded that it doesn’t really feel like a super-hero show. Swapping the locale of Hell’s Kitchen for Harlem, it focuses on the black community in that area. Not a great deal of time is spent farting about with origins and suchlike. The series seems to be doing that job itself.

No sign of Jessica Jones yet, but we’ve seen Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, the nurse that has appeared in every single show so far. Will deliver a final verdict when done, but so far, looks like another canny and adult-oriented take on the MCU.


We’ve all been saving our prose for Westworld tonight Pap.

May it be as good as we all think it should be.


Originally posted by @Dubai_Phil

We’ve all been saving our prose for Westworld tonight Pap.

May it be as good as we all think it should be.

Meh. Anyone truly superpowered would have seen it already.

I guess the Muggles are waiting on Murdochman for delivery :lou_wink_2:


Luckily Murdoch doesn’t own HBO down here…

HOPEFULLY having finally blagged a decent router can get it installed and FINALLY it may be worth getting into the downloading/streaming game.

It REALLY isn’t any way to watch TV when you have Juddervision, it’s bad enough watching occassional streamed football but NO WAY could watch something decent that way


I am going to watch The Westworld tonight srs. I have download it on my phone already, so I can watch it in my hotel room with the screen held two inches from my face.

I don’t know if I will like it tho. As I understand it, the premise is that in the future you can pay to shit in a bucket, eat beans from the can, and have mechanical sex with a robot. I mean, that’s pretty much my home life. We Shall See Tho. I will give Full Spoilers l8r maybe if I can I am v.business at moment soz.


In other news I watched about two thirds of the first episode of Luke Cage last night and it was not v.good don’t listen to pap srs.


OK that was a twist… not even 20 minutes in


I know the bit you mean Phil. That was fkn disgusting, I nearly turned it off!

Spoilersss but what you’ve got, is a bird with a big chin. She seems to be the main character. She is robot. Her story is that she has got a boyfriend who she loves v.deeply. He is robot too. Then you get a man come along - he is not robot, he is holidaymaker - and he kills the boyfriend, and drags the bird off by the chin so they can make love. All well and good, but here’s the twist: you don’t get to see the romantic lovemaking at all! You don’t see a bit of it! All you get is to hear her screams of pleasure!

Fkn disgusting i am write to hbo :lou_angry:


But she has nice Bewbs Bear.

In fact lots of nice Bewbs on display.

Bit concerned about the number of latex Willy’s though


Presently rocking better ratings than Westworld, skip.

This is _only _Metacritic, btw. It only aggregates reviews from all over the world, producing an average.

It’s probably not as scientifically rigorous as bear-third-of-an-episode-critic.com, but we operate on no budget here. We have to use what we can get.