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:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


Minority Report.

This is SUCH an annoying show. The concept was superb, the pre release marketing by Fox was massive, yet because it did not contain Zombies or Capes it’s ratings from Day 1 were dire, and the original 13 episodes were culled down to 10 and no hope of a reprieve.

Why was it annoying? The concept is 2065, 11 years after the Pre-Cog unit was disbanded (ie Tom Cruise did his stuff) and the 3 kids in the Milk Bath have gone off the grid and become all grown up (nearly).

They still “see” crimes, Dash sees the “video” his brother Arthur gets the details such as name and their elder sister Agatha sees the future. Again, so far so good.

The stories are good, the script writing is decent, the problem IMHO is that the actors just do not fit the roles (except maybe Arthur), the visuals are all Bright Light and sparkling clean (in a future where climate change is supposed to have wreaked havoc, and for me it seems just too bloody glossy & Prom Night Cheerleader type shit, especially compared to the “darkness” of the original movie. Dash is just so shit it’s impossible to feel any connection to the character, and tbh the only thing the Female Lead brings to the show is her cleavage and the ability to make incredulous leaps of co-incidences every week.

What a bloody waste of what should have been a great “Universe” it will be mourned by me for fooking up something that could and should have rocked.


I did go see RIPPOOL last night. I went with my brother, the Sex Offender. I hadn’t seen him since I found out bout him going on Register for Arse Pinching in Asda, so there was a bit of an Atmosphere and i.e. Elephant In The Cinema.

The Deadpool Movie was Utter Capeshit, but it was Quite Funny in Places. It was Bit Different than Normal Capeshit, I think cos it has i.e. More Adult Content so i.e. when there is a Hot Bird in it, you get to see her nips, if not her Bush. That would usually be Gd News for me, but under circumstances I was a bit nervous, in case all the nudity set my brother off. It didn’t though, he managed to keep himself under control.

My brother’s review is that “I liked all the 4th Wall Stuff. It reminded me of Lovejoy.” I’ve never seen Lovejoy, so I can’t comment, but I know it had the bro from Deadwood in it. My Brother is Quite Bit Older Than Me.

My review is that if I was making my Perfect Movie, it wouldn’t have voiceover, and it wouldn’t have flashbacks, and this movie had Loads. It was sort of alright tho. I wasn’t completely bored. I deffo wouldn’t watch again tho, and have no interest in seeing a sequal, or 12 fucking sequals, or whatever those Capeshit Cunts are planning next RIP.


Been watching all the Gravity Falls eps with my kids. The elsdest stayed up to watch the final ep stream live.

Yes its cartoon , yes it was on Disney . But it was actually a pretty nicely done story. Alex Hirsch wanted 2 seasons to tell his story and no more. I thought it was cool.

Sort of ‘Twin Peaks’ in cartoon form I guess.

I don’t care. I liked it


I actually think a “Films With Nippers”* might be a good thread in its own right. There’s a fair few of us that have got kids, nieces or nephews. Personally, I’ve got something of a gap between my youngest and the wee nippers in the extended family, bridged somewhat by the facts that they love old Disney stuff and my nephew is a big Spider-Man fan (I’m a bit of an expert, y’know - the sort of dick that knows that the hyphen exists).

I was chatting with my mate on the phone about Star Wars: Rebels. He and his eldest boy are loving it.

* I’m not entertaining any “feminised” “nippettes” malarkey. Nippers are nippers. Actors are actors.


Yeah that could be cool. Sharing stuff with the offspring is one of lifes high points. Taking them to the star wars movie was epic and last weekend we watched Ghostbusters together and they were in fits.

I would, however, beg caution on how you title the thread. ‘Films with nippers’ wouldn’t necessary be understood by all. Since I moved from Southampton around the country not everyone gets the reference.

‘films with youngsters’ ‘pre teen movies’ etc are all likely to turn the head of Yewtree even before you start adding in the additional layer of male/female nipples or whatever you were on about


How about: ‘Pompey Porn (family films)’?


Originally posted by @Sussexsaint

I would, however, beg caution on how you title the thread. ‘Films with nippers’ wouldn’t necessary be understood by all. Since I moved from Southampton around the country not everyone gets the reference.

‘films with youngsters’ ‘pre teen movies’ etc are all likely to turn the head of Yewtree even before you start adding in the additional layer of male/female nipples or whatever you were on about

I’m not starting the thread, dude. Getting a bit sick of seeing my avatar all over the Latest page :lou_sunglasses:

Such considerations shall fall to another.


Oh wow. where to start.

DC Legends of Tomorrow.

Either I just watched the biggest pile of Dogshit since Dogs were invented OR someone in Hollywood has an evil sense of humour.

So (No great Spoilers) show starts in 2166 with London getting zapped in the 2nd Blitz by some Geezer who has taken over the world.

Cut to back view of some bloke (and here we go) appealing to “The Time Council” for permission to “Change The Timeline” to save humanity. Back of Head Man walks down corridor to his Time Ship, turns around and???

It’s fooking Rory. - Amy Ponds’ squeeze from Dr Who, complete with a daft coat. I mean. mixing Cape Shit AND Dr Who? Seriously?

Anyway, he heads back to downtown DC Universe and off we go.

Honestly? I think it could be fun and well done to Arthur Darvill for blagging the part.


All other reviews are worthless now. I used to think Pap’s reviews were great but Bearsy’s are far superior.


Turncloak kitty. Me-ow!


Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a Winner!

First up, we won’t be seeing Pap for 8 weeks while this new show is on.

Take a sprinkling of A-Listers - Stephen King, JJ Abrams, James Franco. Pour in a dash of conspiracy theory, mix with a touch of Time Travel and shake and you get


A “Time Travel/Period/Conspiracy drama” - with proper Cinematography, properly developed characters, and real acting.

Owner of a Local Diner - Vietnam War Vet has discovered a “Rabbit Hole” in his Closet that simply goes back to 1960. He decides he wants to reboot American History by stopping the Assassination of Kennedy.

Local Teacher and almost loser eats at the Diner. And go.

No Capeshit, just normal guys with a window of opportunity.

Seems to be the first offering from a Netflicks Competitor in the US called Hulu. I’m sure others will know more about that stuff than me. 1st Episode ran on 15th Feb, so I guess you have to find a subscription or pirate site somehow.

Quality enjoyable entertainment, not yet Earth Shattering or game changing but compared to the shinyness of Legends the show just oozes quality. Mrs D-P sat down 1/3rd the way through and simply said - wow what is this? Looks really good.

Praise indeed


Well, if time travel is involved you definitely can’t say truth is stranger than fiction. I have read some interesting stuff on JFK recently though, including a whole book which points the finger at LBJ. I’ve also re-watched JFK, itself based on Jim Marrs crossfire. Interesting that the Yanks feel that there is enough distance between events to start playing around with dramatisation.

They just get Lee Harvey Oswald and they’re done, right? :lou_sunglasses:



One of the first lines in the show… I can just see a conspiracy nut or a Sephen King Novel being THAT simple - like uh NEVER!

Which led straight in to the ex Army guy assassination attempt made with an identical rifle blahblahblah,

No spoilers to how or when but we get to see Lee getting off his flight back from Moscow…


Not strictly TV, but here is the Half in the Bag review of Deadpool.

Haven’t watched it yet; just about to. I wonder if it will be as good as the Bear’s review.


Just finished watching the Half in the Bag episode. The review is spot on, with some interesting background information about just how far Ryan Reynolds went to get this made and just how successful it has been (the most successful launch of an R rated movie ever).

The really interesting part of the video is a discussion on what that success means to the world of capeshit. A few pundits reckon everything might go the R rated route.


Watched all of Jessica Jones this weekend (who cares I need to prep for an interview) and really enjoyed it. Great female roles. Who knew I’d be into capeshit.


Jessica Jones does a lot with a little. She doesn’t have too many powers, and the ones she has aren’t that impressive, relatively speaking. Killgrave’s talent is very impressive, beautifully employed and utterly corrupting. His power has completely taken over his personality.

Have you looked at Daredevil yet?


if i was Villain i would’ve played loud music when i was fighting daredevil cos he would be Fucked.


Well, suppose I better complete the X Files review now I finally caught the Finale “This is the End”

First up, the opening show and the finale should simply have been a 3 or 4 hour special. The middling muddling attempts at recreating the old X Files vibe for the “time filler” shows “with a twist” were in the main pretty tame, although the Lizard Man episode was a comedy/xfilesgeek classic. (Technically not great - a bit B Movie budget feel - maybe on purpose - but it was a stupidly great moment in xfiles history. #muldersface.

The actual reason to bring back the series (from Ep1 & the Finale) WAS a damned fine concept, the problem being that the Finale tries to cover “This is the End” (no spoilers in that) in about 45 minutes of TV, so it is way too rushed and squished.

Did I enjoy their return? Yes at least it wasn’t capeshit. Could (actually SHOULD) it have been better - God yes (a proper budget would have helped)

Will it be back? Finale title “This is the End” so in Stevesweb Takeover ITK language - make of that what you will.


Gotham has been back on the air for three weeks following its winter break. It’s probably my guiltiest TV pleasure, as I know it’s pure unbridled capeshit, but I keep going back for more anyway. One and a half seasons in, the beats of the show are nicely established. Jim Gordon has crossed The Line in keeping Gotham safe from psychopaths, while Arkham have the Penguin in their custody and are doing their very best to cure his insanity.

It has always been an ensemble show, and still is, but it appears as if the focus is starting to fall on young Bruce Wayne, beginning to understand and become interested in the true nature of crime.

So far, not rollocking along at the same pace as the first half season (which was a rollercoaster by comparison) but laying the groundwork for a solid end to the year. The “reset button” isn’t pressed nearly as much, which allows it to do stuff that other DC adaptations haven’t.