:saints: The Saints Summer Prediction Thread

Thought we could have a decent all round argument thread away from Transfer Stuff for the next few months.

Predictions and wish lists if you like summarised in one place.

So I will start.

Les Reed is off. (But not until England come back with their tails between their legs)

Sparky wants a quick answer to a job offer. (He’ll walk)

Board will want to repllace Les before making a commitment. (Nothing will happen until after the WC)

We need 4 new strikers of EPL quality that have fitness AND goal scoring ability (We will get Gallagher back)

We need at least one quality CB on top of what we have. (Maya will leave Alfie Jones will be the next big thing for Liverpool in 5 years)

We need more muscle and pace in midfield. (We’ll get rid of Redmond and keep Harry Read)

Krueger will NOT take the can for this season - he is a figurehead / politician, NOT a hands on guy. He will be valued for his commercial ability to attract bunches of used fivers as sponsorship and commercial deals.

Gao wil stay silent

We’ll let Macca drift away and start next season with FF and Harry Lewis

Bad morning in Paradice Phil?

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Yeah. Mega sandstorm ruined the weekend & this morning having to read up on current EU Employment legislation and tax laws.

So yeah pretty shit all the rest of the krew here were nursing hangovers from the after party that ended about 4am. I had an 8am conf call so couldn’t go.

Pretty high on the shitometer

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Could be worse, you could have to pay taxes.


I got to a point where I was constantly being branded a miserable bastard by all who knew me. So just shy of a year ago I thought I’d give this thing I kept hearing about, called ‘optimism’, a go.

I recall watching Pellegrino’s first interview and thought “Yeah, this guy sounds like the nuts. Can’t wait to be rid of the memories of Puel and the slowest attacking build up of any team in history”

Fast forward a year… Jesus Christ… how wrong I was.

Serves me right for deviating from my ‘glass half empty’ outlook.

That said… I’m willing to give optimism ONE more go!

Allow me to justify this. SURELY there is not a single person employed by Southampton Football Club who thinks that last season was anything other than a complete shower of shit. They must have learned some lessons and some arguably inflated egos have been bruised to the point where self reflection is inevitable.

I for one won’t mind a clearout in the summer (or ‘another mass exodus’ as the wanky media will headline it) because there is a lot of underperforming players in that squad. I also accept Bertrand will move on, but to be fair he has done well for us in the large part so I won’t begrudge him that. Plus we should be getting a decent fee for him. If that happens then why not try to get Luke Shaw back? On loan perhaps. That tubby little bastard will probably be up for it as he knows exactly where Nandos is in Southampton, plus his pals are likely still there.

The club will have money to spend from sales, plus the VVD money. What we then need is genuine quality. Four players to strengthen the TEAM not the squad. A CB, a replacement for Davis (ACM), a direct winger with pace, power and an eye for goals (Quincy deal resurrected perhaps) and then an absolute unit of a centre forward. (it may well be too early to rule out Carrillo as a pre-season under his belt could transform him). If I was being really greedy then a slightly taller right back would be great.

Either way, my reason to be optimistic is that the season before last we flattered to deceive by finishing 8th. However, the one just gone, we stared over the edge into the abyss and can count ourselves fortunate that our arrogance with player sales and inadequate recruitment has not cost us dearly. The fact they were apparently willing to pay £30m for Promes in January suggests that perhaps Les has realised that £15m - £17m buys you Redmond in this current market.

Onwards and upwards lads!


I think you seriously underestimate the self-delusional powers of the modern footballer. As an article I read somewhere this week said, several players from the bottom 3 teams will be looking for transfers, convinced they are too good for the Championship despite their performances over 38 games suggesting otherwise.


TBF no matter how good you are if the manager insists on playing a shit system that doesn’t play to the strengths of the squad then performance is going to suffer.

Look what happened when Sparky came along, the team actually won a game for a change. You could see an improvement- even yesterday, although we did the typical throw it away at the last minute thing.

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Well like @simon-says I’m am optimist, although I will say Simon, you have to be born to it. I always walk the dog in the winter without a raincoat, I don’t like wearing them so the benefit of not having to buy one doesn’t mean that you won’t get wet…you will…sometimes.

I don’t know who will come and go but what I do know if we don’t enlist more pacy forwards and physically strong players in midfield, fighting against relegation will again become the rule and not the exception. Too often this season we were out-muscled and out-paced by average sides…that shouldn’t happen.

Picking up wins against average sides is a realistic priority, picking up points against the top six a bonus. Aim to be the best of the rest, if you are who knows what comes next.


Well Tuchel ain’ coming and Boufal wants to go anywhere


Which means options to replace Sparky reduce with Everton taking Silva.

The conceding at the last second is a fitness thing. Remember how MP made us the fittest team in the league?

Looking forwards to Sparky getting them down to the Marines base in Poole and killing them.

That fitness tweak alone would have saved us 8 - 10 points and imho is something 1st time foreign coaches don’ understand.

Might help Carrillo as Well!

I predict some Twitter meltdowns today.

Seems like Ralph is sitting down to do Pressers with the local media crews.

Tin Foil Hats ready

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Left by the Polish trade guys last week…

And for the Ipadders the link to the pic in twitter for you down below :lou_eyes_to_sky:

For a small club like ours this is truly a moment of triumph. To scrape through against all odds is testament to the experience and knowledge of Les Reed .

We will now take our sweet time to make an appraisal of our situation and look forward to not really saying much in the near future




Been reading reports that Bertrand is going to miss out on the World Cup squad in favour of Danny Rose (who has started 10 games all season), Fabian Delph (a central midfielder) and Ashley Young who is about 45 years old and right footed.

I know Bertrand has had a reasonably indifferent season (he isn’t the only one) for Saints but he has always held his own for England.

If this ends up happening then it will go to demonstrate just how wet Southgate is. Picking players of the top teams who are even playing out of position for their clubs.


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But he has told Hart he is not going so that means Pope Butland & Pickford…

Not big team players.

If you’re picking on form, Bertrand shouldn’t be playing for England. He’s not been good enough this season. You might find Delph being picked ahead of him strange, but he’s been better. Not that I give a shit but that’s what I want. … people picked on form.

Yeah, fair enough, but Danny Rose??

There’s an argument that an injured Danny rose is still better than a sulking Bertrand. … and that’s what Southgate would have seen this season

Perhaps but you need to think about how England are going to be playing from a tactical point of view. Delph plays for City who dominate the ball and pin teams back in their own half. England won’t play like because they are shite.

I believe that they’ll need a more conventional full back who provides width and gets to the byline.