💒 The Royal Wedding

:wedding: The Royal Wedding



I would imagine they are fucking furious that someone they worship is not only marrying an American divorcee, but one with black heritage(talk about adding insult to injury).

It’ll all be worth it, simply because it annoys the idiots so much.





It is on like Donkey Kong



heard a little rumour that cos of massive public interest BBC are going to live broadcast the consumation, in addition to the normal blanket 24/7 wedding coverage, which seems a fair use of license fee tbf


Introducing vag cam


Will that be on 4g skin?


Not that I’ve seen that yet, but wasn’t that introduced in Kingsmen 2 in the Glasto scene?

I do recall a bit of a to do about it in the press.

But staying with the Kingsmen theme and “Royalty” perhaps you meant the first use of anal cam?

(I would of course post a link but I’m trying to move back to the EU in a planned migration not a deportation for improper innerweb use)


Plastic surgeon, Stephen T Greenberg, has reported a spike in the number of women requesting nose jobs to look more like Meghan Markle. I kid you not! It almost makes you lose the will to live.


Happened in the 80s too. All them bros getting ear jobs to look like Charles.


Do you remember all the ladies running around with the latest Diana hair cut :lou_facepalm_2:


I do indeed. But i think getting your nose re-shaped under anaesthesia just to resemble some vacuous bimbo who has snared an alleged royal is taking twattism to another level.


Do we know for sure that she is a vacuous bimbo?

Need confirmation for sexy role play.


No need for surgery. Just hit them over the nose with a hair brush.

Strange that there wasnt a rush to surgeons for the wrinkly grey old hag look when Charles married Camilla.


Think it’s a bit harsh to say she is a vacuous bimbo who has snared a royal. Or make comments about Camilla being a hag.

Come on guys you are better than that.


Word, she’s marrying into centuries of inbreeding. If the Queen arranges a general knowledge quiz at Christmas, the Markle has nothing to be afraid of srs. Harry prob can’t even spell Quiz.


No we’re not.



Hmm TBF Diana wasn’t really top nobility so probably has some mixed bloodlines, whilst Harry’s dad was certainly not royalty, he was only a Major in the Army after all, royalty start off a Major Generals!!


Given her political views and tweets about Noam Chomsky books, I don’t think she’s vacuous.


The “Firm” will soon knock that out of her.