:pl: ⚽ The Relegation Run-in - 2021/22 (AKA the Bedwetters thread)

So, bottom of the table is thus :-

12 Crystal Palace 34 9 14 11 45 42 3 41
13 Aston Villa 33 12 4 17 44 46 -2 40
14 Brentford 34 11 7 16 41 49 -8 40
15 Southampton 35 9 13 13 41 58 -17 40
16 Burnley 34 7 13 14 31 46 -15 34
17 Leeds United 34 8 10 16 38 72 -34 34
18 Everton 32 8 5 19 34 55 -21 29
19 Watford 34 6 4 24 32 69 -37 22
20 Norwich City 34 5 6 23 22 71 -49 21

Norwich are already down
Watford have pretty much joined them I think

Everton - 5pts

Chelsea H L
Leicester City A D
Watford A W
Brentford H D
Crystal Palace H L
Arsenal A L

Leeds United - 2pts

Arsenal A L
Chelsea H L
Brighton and Hove Albion H D
Brentford A D

Burnley - 2pt

Aston Villa H D
Tottenham Hotspur A L
Aston Villa A D
Newcastle United H L

Southampton - 3pts

Brentford A W
Liverpool H L
Leicester City A L

Brentford - 2pts

Manchester United A L
Southampton H L
Everton A D
Leeds United H D

Aston Villa - 3pts

Burnley A D
Liverpool H L
Crystals Palce H D
Burnley H D
Manchester City A L

Crystal Palace - 10pts

Watord H W
Aston Villa A D
Everton A W
Manchester United H W

So, that gives us.

Crystal Palace 51
Aston Villa 43
Brentford 42
Southampton 43
Burnley 36
Leeds United 36
Everton 34
Watford 22
Norwich City 21

Others thoughts?? Tough to predict methinks…

Everton are f##ked. They have negative momentum and will bottle it.
Burnley will survive and Leeds will just cling on.


I reckon Everton will do well to get more than 3 points from their remaining games.

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Agree. They might have games in hand but points on the board is far more important at this stage of the season.

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The games in hand won’t help them, but I can see them beating Watford plus one of Brentford or Palace.

I’ve just spent the afternoon in my local with some good mates, all long time Evertonian season ticket holders, sensible realistic guys, all going to the match tomorrow v Chelsea. To a man they all agreed that if they don’t win tomorrow they are down, they are resigned to it. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet as to what this would actually mean, with the new stadium etc, them being relegated has always been unthinkable, after all they have been in the top flight for ever, them and Arsenal I think are the only ones. None of these guys are ‘Bitter Blues’, they hate Liverpool of course, but don’ hear them slag them off, not obsessed, they are proper football supporters who love their team, and are devastated at the way their club has been used by foreign oligarchs as a cash cow to launder ill gotten gains,resulting in what we see today, 500 million spunked on what? More than Liverpool have spent, compare and contrast. I’ve noticed the last few weeks that the penny has started to drop, the unthinkable could happen, they are not too big to go down. And it’s really hurting them.For their sake I hope they get a result against Chelsea tomorrow.

I remember telling them not long after Lampard was appointed that it was a bad move, my expressed opinion was that they should have appointed Duncan Ferguson until the end of the season, lose or fail, because Fat Frank wasn’t qualified for this kind of situation. A couple of the lads agreed but the majority didn’t, it was a case of clutching at straws, Frank would save the day. Today they all agreed that i was right, and I do believe that Ferguson would have knocked them into shape and they wouldn’t be in the situation they are now. I hope they stay up though, if only for the fun we have when it’s Saints v Everton.

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Admire the true supporters sentiment.
But so were we
So were Leeds. And Sunderland
And and and.
Any team run badly deserve what comes to them
(Everton & Burnley since the takeover)
Us under Rupert.
Any team that doesn’t invest to stay up (Fulham, Norwich) deserve their fate
Even Watford for their hire & fire plan
So no, can’t feel sympathetic

I’m not sympathetic to the club, I’m sympathetic to these supporters who are good mates there is a difference.


I will stick my neck out and go for Leeds. Yes seems unlikely but do not think they will get another win.

Everton to stay up on goal difference. Don’t get me wrong I want Everton to go down, but something is saying Leeds.

Saints should not be on here, as there is not a chance in hell Leeds will get 7 points.


The other side of the coin.

My cousin is an Everton fan and was a season ticket holder in the 80’s and early 90’s. He lived and still lives in Winchester. When I was in my teens him and May dad used to rib each other and try and get one over each other. As a 12 year old I was of course siding with my cool cousin over my on father, I don’t know call it rebelling. I more than flirted with being an Everton fan for a couple of years. My cousin bought me the Everton kit and even said he would take me up to Goodison Park.

The realisation came out of the blue (no pun intended). I have my home town football club on my doorstep, and I have friends I can go to the games with. So thankfully I sided with the Saints, and the true love began and carries on.

Since that day and before that day my cousin has never shown any remorse when Saints went through relegation battles, if anything revelling in the pain it was causing. I now know many more Everton fans who think they have the god given right to be in the top flight. When Saints suffer they seem to enjoy it.

As I have said I hope they go down as they have in my lifetime always been in top flight, but I do think they will stay up. But the sort of person I am and I do not know any Burnley fans I hope they stay up because as a Saints fan I know how much it hurts, and they are family and friends.

But I think it will be Leeds which I can live with.

At the end of the day as long as it is not Saints or even if it is, I will live and still support Saints :smiley:


To quote le Tiss :point_up_2:


At its extreme (with everyone winning except us), we’re likely to make up the 3rd slot. Even on 40 points. Essentially we’re hoping that Watford, Everton and Leeds continue to be as shite as us; that’s the bottom line. We can take the humbling experience with us into next season (where ever that may be …) as it’ll be the same all over again.

I must admit that this possibility had crossed my mind several weeks ago - and is still a possibility? Yes - I can’t see where any more points are coming from.
I also wonder how angry and reactive the owners will be, having bought a team with serious top ten probabilities, and ending up with an average championship team.

If anyone really believes we are getting relegated then you can pump the bookies good and proper, Saints currently 150/1 to go down.


My pearl of wisdom for today is Que Sera…I’m a Saints supporter.


And this kind sir tells you all you need to know. I will not take a punt on that, the reason being, it is not going to happen. The bookies rarely get it wrong.

Ever heard the phrase “insurance bet”? :grin::grin:

Everton putting in a good shift against Chelsea

Chelsea do not even look like scoring. Not a sniff. Everton up for this battle. Bye bye Leeds!