The profanity filter, and how it will work

The profanity filter, and how it will work


Take a good hard look at this, Sotonians.

Thus was born the legend of Chapel Kate, someone who has peered through our murky windows, and ran disgusted from what she saw. She attracted a bit of derision for this opinion, but some people have just got buttons. My mother in law cannot abide three words in particular. One of them is moist. I shan’t repeat the others due to Chapel Kate considerations.

We’re going to go with a substitution implementation. Each Sotonian will be able to choose from one of the following options.

Standard will be the default option for new signups or lurkers, and will just do the conventional asterixing out of the obvious stuff and the holiest of holies.

**Custom sets ** will allow people to copy the standard rules, add or remove new substitutions and choose what gets substituted. This’ll mean that someone will still know someone has called them a very rude thing (Chapel Kate considerations) and not have to actually read it. They may see Jeremy Hunt instead, for example.

**No substitutions ** is just what it says on the tin, and what we have now.

It’ll work best if peeps don’t try to cheat it, so if you intend to let rip, do it fully and most importantly, do it accurately. It’ll make it easier for the software to pick up.

I think we have a great site which people probably get a bad first impression from if they’re finickity about language. I reckon this solution will uphold the site’s tradition of free speech, drive signups and make us, to the outside, look a more conventional Saints forum, one where Scunthorpe has the *-bomb dropped on it (it won’t be that poor :D).

I’m probably going to run a Custom Set myself, if only to substitute every instance of JWP with “Bazza’s Personal Angel of Doom”.


Fuck Flaps


That could be beautifully substituted for “pretty flowers”, for example.

As @fowllyd said elsewhere, the possibilities are endless.


Could we also have a glossery of terms for us innocents who don’t always understand some of the more technical terms used by Fatso?

It’s good to know how and why you should feel offended.


Fuck it. We’re going out with a bang.



This is bullshit. If I wish to use the word “fuck” or “cunt” or “ballbag” it’s because I feel it is the best word for the purpose. People should not get to change my words. They should be forced to confront my words and the point of them. And anyone who disagrees is a budgie.


And we’re cured.


Will the naughty words be asterixed with the right number of asterixes and correct initial letter, like the tabloids? Because that still makes me think of the naughty word in question :lou_wink_2:


I don’t understand why things have to change


And oddly, that seems to do the trick for some people. The standard ruleset will do that, yes.


This all sounds like a bunch of MPs who believe in one thing but vote another because they are worried about their seats… which is a little ironic … Profanity is not big or clever… unless used in a clever way. Often on here it is not, but that is not the point. Its an escape, a place where no one is telling me or you what we can or cannot say… often a great release from a shitty day at work where calling the boss a cunt is not on, but calling bletch one is a good substitute… would be a backwards step to try and sanitise this place… would lose its edginess… bit of a sell out IMHO




Anybody who gets offended by words, especially when they are not being directed at them, needs to have a WORD with themself.

You might as well get offended by the weather.

‘Cunt’ is a term of endearment amongst my friends.


From what I understand chutters it will only be sanitised for those who want it sanitised, I don’t care what other people want to see, I care about what I want to see and | will happily continue with the unfiltered version.


It’s entirely swerveable. You won’t see any difference and I certainly won’t be holding back on my language. That’s sort of the point. I hear the concerns and will consider them for the implementation.


How the fuck is any cunt gonna work fucking out what the fuck I’m cunting on about if every shitty bollocking fucking swear word is obliterated by cunting asterisks?


Nor me !!

So Chapel fuckin’ Katie’s calling the shots now

… sad times indeed


tit wanks.



Sorry mate, bit drunk, but this is a terrible idea