The Pain In Spain

The Pain In Spain


Can’t disagree with the miners, the tory bastards will never be forgiven for that or moreso Thatcher.

I still maintain we’re better than most, again not perfect but better than most.


And i would maintain that the behaviour of the police at the battle of the bean field shows beyond doubt that we are certainly not better than most. A heavily pregnant woman being beaten to the ground with a baton wielded by a policeman with his features obscured by a full face helmet when she tried to stop them smashing her home up. Surrounded by her screaming children. When push comes to shove we would give the squads in South and latin America a run for their money. Perhaps we are marginally better than them. But it would be a close call.


How many occasions has this happened compared to others?

That is the question.
You only think we’re marginally better than some Latin Americans countries in policing?

Give your head a wobble.


It’s beeing reported that 9 Spanish Guarda have been injured. Maybe they strained something whilst beating women children and the elderly?



At least we got out the EU dictatorship without police batons.




How many occasions it has happened is totally irelevant Barry, the only relevant point is that it has happened. I’m not talking about general everyday policing, i’m talking about groups of people, be they miners, hippy travellers etc, who are deemed by the powers that be to be a serious challenge to the accepted order of things, being met by the full force of the state acting in a clearly fascistic manner. Military cavalry charges at Orgreave, unidentifiable police smashing up these dissident’s homes, pregnant women being beaten with nightsticks in front of their screaming children. In the case of Orgreave, mass forgery of police notes, co-ordinated mass perjury by police, which was so inept that it was torn to shreds and laughed out of court. The BBC, as has now been admitted, reversing the footage of the Orgreave military cavalry charge to give the totally false impression that they were reacting to a charge by rock throwing miners, when the opposite was the case. All fed to the masses on the 6-o clock news, and repeated ad infinitum for weeks. I would call that fascism Barry, regardless of how often it happens. What would you call it?

I will admit to a touch of hyperbole in my remarks about South and Latin America, i should have said some South and Latin American countries, as of course some are far worse than others. Of course we don’t round people up in football stadiums never to be seen again,. Yet. (hyperbolic joke)! But neither do a lot of them. Of course all of them are ‘robust’ in their policing of demonstrations, dealing with public displays of dissent, some more robust than others. I would maintain that the documented, fascistic behaviour of the establishment in this country, and their willingness to order our ‘forces of law and order’ to collude in this behaviour by doing their bidding, puts us right up there in terms of robustness. There are absolutely no grounds for any smugness on our part regarding the situation in Spain.


As long as you admit you were talking shit in comparing Latin American deathsquads openly sponsored by the state to kill men, women and children against a section of brutal out of control bent policemen I am happy.


Unless you’re from Portsmouth.



When the Local and National police start squaring up, you are in trouble.


Nothing from the Eu then?



I take it the EU are supporting the Catalonians in their efforts to split from the Spain?



It really is fucking astonishing.

The eu have made a statement condemning the Spanish police but also saying that the referendum was illegal and shouldn’t have happened.


Horrible situation.

I’m obviously missing something, but what are the references to EU about on this thread?


Me neither. Almost like some people have an agenda.