The Other Place

The Other Place


An interesting description Numpty!


Yeah, felt like going a bit Will Self, but failed miserably. Sorry.


Cunts would have done #overusedforareason.


I thought it was just me that had a wanking chair.


I bet they’re even fighting about this…

(Thought it was mega cringey worthy at the beginning, then saw who was joining in and yeah, nice job lads)


That’s a thick accent you’ve got there, Fat Stuff.

The actual wanking doesn’t start until about 2:27.


Mate of mine kneels down to wank. I tried it myself, it’s quite good cos it feels sort of biblical somehow, but when you wank 7 times a day, like I do, it gets a bit non-comfortable.


7? Fucking amateur


of you want to feel biblical then just go to a church for your wanking. They have seats there. And choirboys.


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Scary but true.

Yes Glasgow worked as suggested at Barclay’s.

Yes he came here on business a long time ago and yes we planned to meet up. I even have (had) his mobile number.

He was late

I took a beer scooter home. How Uninteresting was that eh?

All for the best, Philip.

One way or another the evening would have ended with a Glasgow kiss.

I’d pay for those details Phil…

I’ll give you a hint to show my authenticity.

0044 …



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I kneel down to wank and stand up for bum wipes. These are two ways I try to stay humble.


I’ve heard the boy that does the wiping thinks you could be a little more humble if you tried.


If you want to stay humble then you could help up those of us who have trouble getting up - and wiping up the mess. Having my arse wiped would be nice too…moist wipes only, mind you.


He gets exactly what he signed up for, the little tart.


And to think they said this place would just be backslapping.

We do wiping too.


For those who wisely chose not to read that forum any more, some updates. Resident former ITKmeister Monk has dropped a hand grenade with the news that Kat has held a hush hush meeting with “Asian personnel.” Queue a mega session of pantie bunching and assumptions of a Chinese takeover. Also, needless to say after Saturday’s defeat to Arsenal, many are calling for the head(s) of Puel/Les Reed/Kat. CB Fry has had a pop at the Club Historian and Sour Mash has fallen out with Hypo. Hypo is disappointed with Sour Mash as prevously he thought he was a decent poster (despite being the forums resident Racist and Islamophobe). Who needs EastEnders when you have this?


I heard that the talks had stalled as Kat couldn’t quite make out what the negotiators were saying. But that might just be Chinese whispers.


Is that the omnibus edition?

And what sort of hush-hush meeting is known to everyone?

That’s right up there with yacht-spotting, house rentals in Winchester, observant taxi drivers at the airport and city centre car number plate sightings.


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pantie bunching

I have no idea what this is. My mind is boggled.