The Other Place

The Other Place


It started out in life as getting your knickers in a twist and then morphed into getting your panties in a bunch. It is a precursor to wetting the bed I believe.


Thanks for clarifying!

Yours sincerely



'kin hell

Just popped over to the dark side and read that thread about Kat & foreign people meeting.

It is truly remarkable how 99% on there has gone off on a debate that she is selling the club and then argued their view on it.

How unbelievably myopic,


That is one of the many things that I dont miss. They have this amazing ability to take something that is just random gossip and then turn ino fact and have a major discussion about the “fact.” You can also guarantee that certain individuals will then start a spat over it. And to join in with the madness it will cost you a fiver.

Bargain :lou_facepalm_2:


They can’t even share information about away tickets without getting into a ruck.

If people behaved on the street they way they do on there, they would spend most of their evenings in A and E.


I bet the vast majority of the agitators fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. noodle armed choirboys
  2. hen-pecked husbands
  3. incurable perma-virgins
  4. disgruntled employees
  5. too fat to leave own bedroom
  6. my personal fave, the 50 something that realises deep down that he could have done more in life, but outwardly opines that it’s all the fault of someone else.
  7. masons


Dipped in today to see what the reaction amongst the great unwashed was to last night. The Club Historian, who has a real issue with Tadic, started a thread slagging him off about the handbags between Tadic and Austin over the penalty. When it transpired that Tadic was the designated penalty taker and it was Austin who was techically in the wrong, it prompted a semi retraction and a certain amount of egg on face. Great entertainment value, especially as I dont pay any more :lou_sunglasses:


That Pap list looks like the exact same criteria that Bitch uses to pick his Fleming Park football squads.

I’ve played with all seven of them.




Good bump.

But you get a better class of arseholes here tbd


tbd? Ffs = tbf

Bad spelling a prerequisite of membership



You’re dead to me.


Not sure what is worse at moment the other place or twitter


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Anyone fancy nipping over to gloat about @saintbletch’s fully armed and operational battle station? I am permaban, remember.

How long will it take for the thread to get shut down?

  • One hour
  • One day
  • They’ll leave it be. We’re a harmless breakaway forum.

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So I was looking for something I’d written on here about masturbating in barbers’ shops but couldn’t find it.

Turns out I’d written in years before on the :thedarkside:.

Any regulars know what has happened to their design over there?

I haven’t been on there fore quite some time, but it used to be all read with a Saints’ banner.

It now looks like this…

Is that a makeover?


It still looks like it’s always done for me - not like your screenshot


Oh, they’re still watching you?