The Other Place

The Other Place


All for the best, Philip.

One way or another the evening would have ended with a Glasgow kiss.


Sorry, SoG, a downvote from me (personally me, not Sotonians me).

I don’t mind discussions about people from the other place, although to be honest, I do find it a little sad that we do it - and I do include myself in that.

But I really don’t like to see beefs carried over from TSW to here*.

* Except when it involves Shirty and his car-parking abilities.


Could be I suppose that its the mother of all WUM machines at work and we are being observed and pointed at for the amusment of the ignorant?


A great post, Chutters.

I’m just glad that you’ve finally agreed that we should have left the EU years ago and that there is absolutely zero risk in the “sell our best players and trade managers every year” strategy.



Fair enough Bletch and I know where you are coming from. I just think it is natural given that many of us have invested many hours talking bollocks on The Dark Side and left there (or came here) because we were unhappy about many of the posters over there. We dont spend much time talking about the UI or other forums. It is a bit like leaving your wife for someone else and whinging to your mates in the pub about what a bitch she was! :lou_wink_2:


…’‘there was this bright light… and a voice…that kept on calling me’’


Fucking Russell Brand and his new headtorch.



Good analogy.

The distinction for me (personally) is that I don’t mind reading about the general run-ins we all had with others on TSW. It’s when a specific, current beef comes over here (Katie Hopkins) that a little bit of me dies.

I just feel (personally) that that should be left over there whilst the general discussion about what size and shape of a cunt Hypo is or is not is fine here - if a little unedifying.


That is the famous sculpture Pap at the Rockstone.


may be we should scrap the beef thread and use the muppet show over there

Will keep the shite (well some of it) off this site


Superb idea, CB.

Let’s make TSW a more attractive proposition :lou_facepalm_2:


Think of it as a trailer. The only way to watch the whole film is to come here.


Alas Rally - you are the only one who seems to have noticed… :lou_eyes_to_sky: :lou_lol:

BIG fricken Whooooosh… :lou_sad:


I’d pay for those details Phil…



I was going to bail on The Dark Side last year but couldnt get access to my Paypal account so ended up staying. This year I managed to stop the subscription so I only get the three posts a day which stops me getting dragged into the circular arguements. Gradually I hope to ween myself away from the site totally but it is a hard habit to break after so many years. I did have a look at the Ugly site for a while but it doesnt seem any better than TSW. Not606 seems a bit more reasonable but I have only dipped in and out so far so still not sure whether to jump on board. For me this is still the best place to be to share Saints stuff and life’s general frustrations. Apart from the occassional bitch slapping sessions we do tend to behave ourselves. Long may it continue!


I would add to that rather splendid analogy by suggesting that although she wasa complete bitch, she was quite disturbingly adventuous in the sack… so despite all the bitchfest, she still holds a warped and unhealthy fascination… :lou_wink_2:


Hints of S & M Chutters? :lou_lol:


I just went cold turkey, boom, c u l8r shitlords, you need to have more Will Power like Bearsy!

It is Pay Ur Money + Take Ur Choice

Ugly Inside is best frm if you like 70s tv shows like Alf Garnett & Love Thy Neighbour

no606 is best frm if you like Saints FC but are v.serious and don’t like Joking Around

saintsweb is best frm if you like arguing with spastics, or watching spastics argue with other spastics

papsweb is best frm if you have only passing interest in Saints FC.

I haven’t tried other saints frms as yet.

Edit: Sry for all the spastics. Can’t think of another word that is quite as Satisfying.


It’s pretty shitty over there now and has been for some time, imho. Some good threads are ruined by the usual cuntbuckets whose bile seeps from their septic fingers as they type their antagonistic bollocks from their wanking chair, caked in the fetid slime of their triumphalist cockstroking as they deal a written “blow” to another faceless gimp.

The prediction league is still good though.