The Other Place

The Other Place


I could understand if she was Home Secretary or something but isn’t she’s just an Internet troll?

So run this past me again…we’re gonna get a bunch of Internet trolls to start a discussion about an Internet troll.

This could run for quite some time…


Because either you, or the person pretending to be you over on the Dark Side, brought it up today on a thread about transfers.


it could have been someone else, logged on as the person who is pretending to be hypochondriac.


Or slightly less confusing if the person called hypochondriac changed their name to schizophrenic?


changed their name s.


I am going to make two bold statements.

  1. TSW hypo is our hypo.
  2. He can be reformed here, like a wayward youth in Home & Away.

I know there are people that say that people don’t change, but they do.

It’s all about the company you keep.

I’m not going to enumerate my life history, but we all know that we’re different among different people. Most of us have a professional head, a family head and an out with the lads head, just like Worzel Gummidge. Some would say that was a strawman argument.

The point is, hypo has spent his online time in an environment with a lot of cunts, who do a bloody handy job of mutually validating their cunty behaviour, setting a tone that everyone occasionally sang along to. Some of my TSW content is bloody vicious. Read it out of context, and you’d think “what a cunt”. Read it on TSW and you’d think “ah, he’s just arguing with some of those other cunts”.

Sotonians. You are Pippa and Michael. Take it away.


Don’t really know anything about Hypo’s history, Home and Away or TSW but upvoted for the Worzel Gummidge/Strawman bit :lou_smiley:


He’s like the little girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead.

When he’s nice, he’s very very nice, but when he’s not he is horrid.

We’re all capable of that. Question of ratio, largely. I just reckon TSW normalises horrid.


My best mate at school joined the merchant navy; for years he used to send me interesting letters and postcards detailing such things as: how much cheap liquor it was possible for one man to consume during a six month trip on an oil tanker; the ratings of prostitutes for every port he visited; the beguiling beauty of Boogie Street transvestites etc etc.

Then one day he sent me the most boring letter I’ve ever read; it was basically two pages detailing the weather; but, when I turned back to the top I saw that it was addressed to his mother. He’d mixed up the envelopes, and I chuckled at the thought of the poor old dear opening his letter to me.

Anyway, I haven’t seen anything quite so extreme on here, but I have noticed that some Sotonian posters are quite different from their SWF personas; whereas, others are exactly the same. I’d put you in the latter category, Pap.

P.S. That doesn’t, necessarily, mean that I think you act like a cunt in both places, Pap. :lou_wink_2:


Would add to Halo’s post that the actual environment alters the perception of posters… Some might not agree, but in general I am posting the same opinionated bollocks as I did on SWF… The difference though is one of perception. On SWF my opinionated bollocks was squarely at loggerheads with various fuckwits, WUMs and a few downright cunts - as the underdog, the content became less important than the battle…

Here, I am positing to have a bit more fun- that is true, on on the more serious threads I remain the same opinionated bastard as I was before- the difference is here those I am squaring up to are not the cunts of old, but posters who are considered more measured and nice. As a result it seems more intensive, more ‘aggressive’ even and illustrates the impact and importance of context.

With that in mind, I am trying to avoid topics in which I know my opinionated bastard self will rampage uncontrollably… Not for fear of the battle, but simply because the mess it creates is too often too difficult to clean up and is maybe a tad unpleasant for the bystanders… Chutney has been been to the vets and will play nice from now on thanks to you girly cunts :wink:


Go on with you, Chuts.

You’re just an upvote whore, like the rest of us. :lou_lol:


How are the melts this morning?


Pleased to hear the Ferret has been neutered and will not be sowing his seed of discontent amongst all these nice Sotonian virgins. :lou_lol:


Who is Katie Hopkins?


Originally posted by @Dubai_Phil

Who is Katie Hopkins?

Trust me Phil, if you dont know, you dont want to know!


I dont know one way or the other Pap, but what I do find very strange is that the person(s) known as hypo on both threads do not comment whenever it is suggested that they could be one in the same. If someone accused me of being TSW hypo I would go out of my way to deny it. Why would you want to be associated with that cunt? I like the idea that an ex girlfriend has pinched his log in details and posts as him on TSW to get her own back on him. Whatever is going on, it is a major piece of hypocricy to call someone and oddball and a weirdo when you have two forum personas going on and you do nothing about making it clear what the situation is regarding being the same poster or being two different posters.


I thought we’d established that she’s a Cunt and not a Twat


Originally posted by @CB-Saint

How are the melts this morning?

The Usual Suspects seem to be majorly underwhelmed and there are the usual posts about lack of ambition, blah, blah, blah. I dont know what people expect. It is clear that we do not throw money at the team so why would we do any different in this window? After much bleating about not tying key players down to longer contracts, that is exactly what we have done this summer. The signings have been prudent and pragmatic as they usually are. I remember TSW being massively underwhelmed by the Mane signing so nothing changes. I also remember many TSW posters slagging off Pelle and were happy bunnies when we signed Austin (who was clearly going to be Pelle’s replacement). Now they are unhappy bunnies because we havent, apparently replaced Pelle? Dont get it. Looking forward to seeing Boufal play and shutting up the wrist slitters.


This morning I am feeling majorly underwhelmed and am vexed by lack of ambition. …

This is the career thread right? fuck, wrong thread no wonder mine is down the toilet :lou_surprised:


I don’t think that Sadoldgit is the same person as sadoldgit on saintsweb. He is a master troll at work imo, his only mistake was capitalising the username on here. Massive giveaway.

In full disclosure, I am not the same Bearsy as Saintsweb, and neither is pap. I know for fact that at least half the accounts on here are run by Glasgow Saint.