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Actually strike that “terminally dumb” remark and add “oddball.” Apparently I am an “oddball” because I believe that Katie Hopkins and the Nazis are/were both Christian. This despite the fact that the Hopkins remark was a side issue following a spat she had with Andrew Neill when she made a big point about taking her kid to a Nativity play (because as we all know Nativity plays have nothing to do with Christianity) and the many references to God through Hitler and the Nazi Party that were also brought up by many other “oddballs,” When you read here again Hypo, lets take this up on the Beef thread as I dont want to bore these good people with any more of our nonsense.


Jesus, get over it SOG, I still love you. You can’t listen to Hypo, he’s like an angry marmoset with a typewriter.


Nah he’s just a cunt

Not a complete cunt like CB Fry, but more a pubescent cunt - complete cunt in training? Could go either way, if he comes back from brink… :lou_lol:


There’s an image that I wont lose in a hurry!


I don’t know how you bros get embroiled in these arguments srs. If I saw a thread called “Does Katie Hopkin sleep with a bible under her pillow?” I can’t imagine clicking into it, let alone spend 5 months arguing about the fkn issue.


Indeed! Even worse is the whole point of the discussion was her statement that not enough moderate Muslims were coming out against the ISIS terrorists acts for her satisfaction. Andrew Neill picked her up about it in a TV interview and I posted about it on TSW. Dear old Hypo decided to hijack the discussion and took it off on a “Is Katie Hopkins a Chrstian” direction. But then that is what you get with angry marmosets with typewriters I guess!

(By the way Hypo, if you are reading this, did you ever find any proof that she isnt?).


Bah someone down voted me for my love of SOG. Fuck you, it is a love that speaketh it’s name.

(Unless it was for hating on Hypo, but that doesn’t seem even possible without a misunderstanding of all that is good in the world. Just doing my natural duty as a human).


We are both consenting adults Saintfully. Dont let a Hypo downvote bother you!


Its necessary to excise demons Bearsy - these scary fucking voices in my head that keep telling me to talk shite about stuff I know fuck all about and get all oiled up, shiney and slipery as I enter into a good verbal rucking with other verbally lubed up arseholes… you should try it, seriously, you get all worked up and then there is always a climax as a huge load (of Bollocks) is spouted all over the place before an embarrsing realisation that you dont really know that person… so you sneak off before they realise and enjoy a cigarrette to calm post posting.


:lou_facepalm_2: ffs

Do us all a favour, Hypo: please don’t answer this!

I’ve already read reams on Katie Fucking Hopkins on The Other Place.


Don’t worry I won’t be. Not sure how this made it over here in the first place.


No, let’s sort this out! I want to get to the bottom of this srs! We can’t be afraid to tackle the big topics on sotonians, it’s that kind of dell-sized mentality that is holding us back from becoming the South Coast’s number 5 Saints related forum! There’s clearly a question that needs answering here, bout Karen Hopkins, and we’re clever guys. I don’t see why, if we all put our heads together, we can’t sort this out. Combined, we’ve probably got a wealth of prob more than 20 gcses to fall back on, and mikey is even talking bout going to University! And it’s not just Education, we’ve got life skills and street smarts. We’ve all read stuff. I read stuff only this morning. I know a lot of things about stuff, I have my eye on the Current Affairs, and I’m sure you bros are same! Come on guys, let’s do this!

First thing on Agenda: Who is Kate Hopkin?


I know who she is! What’s the question about her, I might be able to help.


great! We’re already making progress! Do you happen to know her from Church by any chance? That would be gd evidence!


I can tell the difference between her and Charlotte Church. Is that the question? Seems a very specific thing to argue about, whether I know the difference between Hopkins and Church.


Oh ok, as you were.

Go for it, Hypo :lou_lol:


I can answer this as I too keep up to date with current affairs and celeb gossip and stuff. katie hopkins is secret wife of jeremy clarkson and they had a secret love baby that they gave up for adoption, apparently though no one knows the identity of this secret love baby.


Just stop going there, simple.

ok, maybe for a quick peek every now and again just so you value the intellectual level of chat on this site…



I’m saving a spot in the van for Hopkins and Church.

I’ll put aside a long weekend for them.


I cannot believe I googled cockspear for an image! I thought I would get a cartoon picture of someone throwing a spear in the shape of a cock. I was wrong! My eyes, my eyes!