The Other Place

The Other Place


We get enough shit for backslapping.

If you’re going to add inter-forum noshing to the list of things I have to defend, can you fellate a worthier fellow? This is man that loved Nigel Adkins because he thought he might have turned out to be “our Tony Pulis”.

He is to legend what MLS is to the footballing world. Raise your fucking standards.


I’ve posted on and off on SWF and its forerunners since around 2003. I seem to recall the place being very RED back then (in colour, not political persuasion); Keith was running it, a chap called Legod Second Coming had a lot to say for himself, and Art was … well, slightly less Art.

Anyway, my favourite time on SWF was shortly before Pap got banned and set up this place: Lou and Pompey Lass hanging out with the boys on TMS; Pap slugging it out with CB Fry, Verbs and Tim in the Lounge; the latest meltdown about something or other on the Main Board … lots of entertaining and interesting threads.

The place isn’t the same anymore; but, there are still some good contributors on there, imo.


You PROMISED me you’d deleted those!!


Cocks for Lou!

We’ve got cocks for Lou!

How’s things, Lou?

Settled back into life in the You of Kay?


And therein lies the issue. There are plenty of “terminally dumb” posters who post on a daily basis that he would do the rest of the forum a great favour if he shut them up, but he doesnt go near them. There are also some clear racists/Islamaphobes who he doesnt challenge (to the point on one thread where he claimed they they didnt exist) so you have to wonder, why is that? I agree with Halo that TSW still does have some good posters. I dont agree that CB Fry is one of them or brings anything of value to the forum. He just seems to post to “prove” his own superiority in my eyes.


I’m good Bletchey! Doing my best to NOT settle back into life in the UK :wink: Hope life’s treating you well!


Lou’s back, Lou’s back :lou_lol:


I remember quizzing him on his hostility ages ago on TSW. The answer I got was something along the lines of “I post for the benefit of a handful of people”. Those people were never identified, but I’m guessing it would have been those of a similar ilk.

That, or the other Freemasons on the site :lou_sunglasses:


Nah, he’s just a cunt

Not a nice papsweb type cunt… but a complete cunt


Or the six voices arguing in his head?


Scary but true.

Yes Glasgow worked as suggested at Barclay’s.

Yes he came here on business a long time ago and yes we planned to meet up. I even have (had) his mobile number.

He was late

I took a beer scooter home. How Uninteresting was that eh?


He has gone after me a few times over the years so I guess that makes me “terminally dumb.” Starngely we found out that we both used to work in the same line of business a few months back - he in regional newspapers and me for the nationals. For a moment I thought that we would have enough common ground to get on better online. Silly me. He continued to be a cunt. I am all for grown men having a hobby, but going on the internet each day with the express purpose of taking the piss out of people doesnt seem like a good way to spend time to me.


Can we pre ban Batman - he is like a internet dementor, sucking the joy out of the world.


Batman’s ok he had some v.interest stories like the time his submarine got raped by a Blue Whale and him and his crewmen had to eat 500 gallons of whale spunk before they could surface. I wouldn’t listen to him v.much re: football matters tho.


He did provide one amazing moment though when he coined the phrase “getting a bit rapey.”


I liked it when he said he’d heard the Boufal move was off and then when pressed he said it was “a hunch”


Originally posted by @Sadoldgit

He has gone after me a few times over the years so I guess that makes me “terminally dumb.”

I’ve seen you get entrenched on the irrational side of an argument, once or twice. No offence like. That is something you do sometimes. It’s very easy to blame CB Fry for Our Failings, but we must remember, He made us fallible for a Reason, and He loves us all, in spite of our Struggles.

A couple of useful quotes to bear in mind:

For we must all stand before CB Fry to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body. (Corinthians 5:10)

Trust in CB Fry with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


In fairness he has had an issue with a hunch ever since the whale/submarine incident.


I will try and adhere to those quotes, thanks Bear.

It is easy to get caught up in some posts where you lose the plot a bit, especially where you get some hangers-on twittering “oh, you made that up” every few posts. Fry doesnt do reasonable arguements though, he just does smart arse piss takes in my view. He also gets very shirty when he gets caught out, as Sherlock did to him regarding a Sun poll. To this day I still dont think he realised what he had done. More people seem to think that the bloke is a total arse than a hero so thats good enough for me!


you only need to post it once, you terminal dumb ass.