The Other Place

The Other Place


I’ve always liked Rhino Clit.


Originally posted by @saintbletch

I’ve always liked Rhino Clit.

You say that, but it’s not like you had a choice.


Originally posted by @saintbletch

I’ve always liked Rhino Clit.

Is that the female version of Rhino Horn?

Does your Chinese herbalist stock it or is it an under the counter sort of purchase? :lou_sunglasses:


Excellent, some fresh inspiration for the Musical Chain thread.


Hmmm… trying to figure out how to link one of those to Badly Drawn Boy…


The dress looks like it’s been drawn on with a black marker pen…



I like Fucked Up also. Can’t say I know of the music of any of those listed in the pic tho!


No mention of The Flying Cunts of Chaos? :lou_facepalm_2:


Getting back to The Other Place, there are a bunch of posters who only climb out from under their mattresses during the close season and if we go through a bad patch in the season to pour scorn on the Board/Manager and spread their woe and angst through the threads. It is almost as if they get off on things going wrong and any attempt to pull them up on their wallowing in negativity is met with a cry of happy clappers and assertions that they are not allowed to criticise the club at all. Even before the Sunderland draw a regular twat said that he thought Puel would be gone by Christmas. The club has no ambition (where have they been for the last 7 years), Les Reed doesnt know what he is doing, Kat is lining her pockets, I am sure I dont need to go on.



HAHA classic band name… Smother Theresa … gonna be grinning 'bout that one for a while !!


Several years ago, I stopped bothering with looking at the main board of Saintsweb if we’d lost a game. I knew what it would be like, and I didn’t want to be there. Over the past year I’ve stopped bothering with Saintsweb at all; I’ve folllowed the odd link posted here, but haven’t gone directly there from open play.

Reading what you (and others) have posted, I’m happy with that.


First off, close season is crazy everywhere. Without wishing to spark a further debate on the merits of the result, we were kind of lucky to have the EU referendum. Everyone involved carried out all our crazy in the one thread.

Regarding the other place, 15 months on and I’m already forgetting a lot of who does what over there. I used to be a much more frequent lurker, but the traffic on the threads I’m interested in is pretty low. There’s not a great deal going on in the Lounge these days, and I’m not a big fan of the stuff people bother to write.

It’s a sad old end to Verb’s posting career. He exists as a kind of angry spider, largely hanging off the one thread, laying in wait and basically doing what he did here. I enjoy the boy Goat butting in from time to time. Haven’t seen a Fry post for ages. I’m still considering his excellent “harmless breakaway forum” as Sotonians tagline, although Cobham’s “site for the mostly bewildered” has legs too.


I’ve only just started going on there so it’s still a bit of a novelty. I find it facinatingly surreal …a delicious mix of wums, chomps and complete twats. It amazes me how uptight people get … they make me laugh !!

Having said that there are sensible posters on there but they seem to be in the minority … or maybe they just don’t bother to get too involved !!


Originally posted by @saintbletch

I’ve always liked Rhino Clit.

Flashback. Boys night out in Krakow. Lap Dancing Bar… 2 days before the Wedding.

That. One line and I FINALLY remember that night.

All in the best possible taste but a tad awkward when that is being rammed in your face with your two sons in the gang…


I’d never have remembered that on the other place


Hole in one?


Was it Spearmint Rhinos, Philip?


Think this needs a Sotonians referendum!!


I occasionally like the other place, don’t go there for the football knowledge but you do get intreresting snippets, like this interview with Adam Lallana



Nivea Boy that is…


On a slightly more serious note… I appreciate there are those whose life seems so completely dominated to unhealthy obsession levels with football (suggesting fuck all else)… and therefore, seem unable to present their ‘concerns’ without the ‘betwetting’ or complete panic etc… BUT is it not the purpose of these forum to offer and outlet for ALL opinion?

All jesting aside, there seems to be a danger we end up being all ‘superior’ and offer nothing but snidey ridicule to those we disagree with on this… and is this not the same kind of intolerence that is killing SWF?

Of course the constant whining and misery expressed seems odd/annoying to those who live in RealWorld ™, and have lives with real issues and problems not asscociated with millionaires kicking about a bag of wind, but like many when on a football fan forum, there is a certain justification for being a bit fan(antic) and obsessive about the club. For some that is reflected in a glorious positivity, for others its an unhealthy negativity… but by getting so annoyed/wound up at others negativity seems equally ‘unhealthy/obsessve’ to me… Its football discussion on a football forum and folks complain about obessive behaviour… :lou_facepalm_2:

Sotonians cant stand above the shit attitude of intolerance, if the moment anyone on here expresses concerns about the club policy, its ‘frowned’ upon, or has posters offering attempted snidey put downs?

There needs to be some consistency - if this forum wants to be ‘better’ and offer ‘freedom’ - then not accepting all is rosey all the time at SFC is an equally valid opinion… going on an on about it may be tedious to some, but no more tedious than the constant attempts to ridicule that opinion…

Lets not fall into the trap of rallying against negative opinion for the sake of it, or this place will be no better than SWF.

(So stop being cunts to the whinging cunts :lou_is_a_flirt:)