🏌 The Open Golf Championship 2018


So it all kicks off tomorrow. The US Open was ridiculed because the course was so hard and dry nobody could keep a ball in play (except our Tommy on the last day).
And yet Carnoustie is seeing the ball roll further than most of us can hit a wedge shot.
Tiger is back and has left his driver out of his golf back, just as he did at Hoylake back in the day and is ripping Irons 333 yards down the fairways.

Obviously any European Tour member who wins this week would leap into contention to work alongside me in Paris in September :sunglasses:

Most of the ET’s “big names” from the past are off the pace or off form at the moment. Stenson, Westwood, McDowell, hell, even Rory’s showing signs of putting like me at the moment.

So who is going to win it? Will we see another Jan Van de Velde moment?


My “Fantasy Race to Dubai” team is (remarkably I’m in 524th plce this year!)
Alex Mr Consistent but won’t win Noren
Rory there or there abouts until he putts McIlroy
Ian F*** ^^%&b Marshal $%%# Poulter
Tyrell bumble along Hatton
Tommy so much shorter in real life Fleetwood
Justin Mr nice guy Rose as Captain.

Or will the personality transplant donor Patrick Reed, Mr 1 GCSE almost Dustin Johnson or even Flop Shot himself Mickleson win it.

Speith has been so off the pace this year after getting all technical with his golf swing.

Or, simply because it would be such a brilliant story, could Tiger ACTUALLY do it?
With no football, it should at least be a decent alternative watch than Love Island.
Who have you got your money on gang?

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And this will forever be found as the thread with the **** word in the tite.
Love you Beltch

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Rory has said he doesn’t like links golf so I don’t see him even making the cut this year :slight_smile:

Will prbably be the jammy bugger Mickleson that will be there or there abouts!!


I don’t see Rory “threatening” to win it, but he does have a history of coming in the top 10 under the radar which earns fantasy points but no, don’t see him winning.

One good ET shout would be Francesco Molinari. He has burst back into form of late in the US, but not sure he is suited to Links golf either plus he played the Greenbriar chasing Fed Ex points rather than having a decent workout in Scotland

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We all remember Tom Lewis (who turned Pro WAY too early)

But this week is always about the emergence of some “British Golfer” into the dazzling lights of a Terrestial TV audience. Maybe one of these 3?

Or maybe Matt Wallace who does have a pedigree on tour now?

And no, I wouldn’t put a quid on him even each-way


Wow, was it really 1998 when Justin ‘do you want to see my medal?’ Rose won the amateur prize at the Open? Seems like yesterday


Somebody from Hampshire doing it at golf un heard of until Justin.


Just have to say.
I have seen his medal…



A Southampton Supporting Golfer had a pretty good year in 2016/17. He brought all his mates and family down here t the DPWTC where we had almost 50 Saints fans watching a game at Barasti with him. Richard Bland.
(OK not born here but)

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This lad is great on Twitter. Normally more eloquent but his chances in The Open.



Nope, wouldn’t put a quid on Rory either #bamboozled



They are off and running.
Absolutely no wind for the early starters, they really need to make hay etc.
This COULD be another Open where the draw decides your fate. Wind is expected to pick up around lunchtime so the second half of the draw (late tee times) will have tougher conditions than the morning groups. Equally, there is the prospect of some rain tomorrow in the morning.
Weekend looks to be breezy but consistent rather than all up and down like when Stenson and Mickleson had their classic duel.

Here is a live blog text feed for work or until the TV coverage starts

Or the European Tour one - tends to have more pictures :slight_smile:


No doubt someone the Terrestial TV audience has never heard of will be challenging by the end of the day


Honestly. This is just silly 393 yards? Usually takes me 3 shots

What a start… Ryder Cup star Thomas Pieters smashes his tee-shot 393 yards down the course and finds the green. He cosies his long eagle putt up to the hole before tapping in for an early birdie at the first.

Read more at http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2018/tournamentid=2018060/liveblog/index.html#aQ0MsSJSbqeRYA03.99


Jhonattan Vegas is facing a race against time to make his 10.31am tee time. His entry to the country was held up due to visa issues, his flight has been delayed, and his clubs have been lost in transit. He’ll have to borrow a set if he makes it: he’s coming in from Glasgow by copter. Meanwhile van Rooyen sees a birdie putt stop on the lip at 7, but he wanders off the green smiling anyway. As you would when you’re two shots clear at the Open.


So let me get this straight.

People actually watch other people playing golf?

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Wind your neck in @saintbletch


Not sure that needed to be a headline, Thomas Pieters did it earlier and Rory found the front edge bunker at 390 yards…
Been busy not been able to watch any of it.


Raining today :cloud_with_rain: that’s going to make things interesting…maybe


Rory very up and down today, 2 under par for the round, second on -4 in the clubhouse

Fleetwood in the clubhouse on -5 after a round of 65