The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***

The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***


First goal scorer.
Split team into 3 and that decides.
Simples, until you remember last season :lou_facepalm_2:


I think it would take some serious rigging to deny PhilippineSaint.
Therefore I proclaim that Areola Grandee shall forever be known as:
Map of Tasmania.
Guaranteed fail.


It was for the sick lickle kiddies,

Not because its a hairy Fanny from down under or a piss stain on a drunks trousers no sirree not that.

it was for the sick lickle Kiddies.


Or hairy twat…

Ok we will leave it to Bletch to do the tech stuff. It suspect I will need to log out … and find a suitable yet not too offensive avatar

Gentlemen … As Areola Grandee departs, to be forgotten, we should offer thanks to the generosity of the voting public (stands erect like some Tory cunt doing a bi-election victory speech in a safe seat) that if I am not too mistaken have added around £750 to the demon Goat’s hospital charity. Needless to say that is rather cool and I thank you for your participation

A special mention should go to That Pervy tart in the Philippines for probably donating about half of that these last 3 years just to call me a name he could do for free in any post :joy: Respect to his gererosity!

So AG now joins Cracked Rib, Gay Abandon and Chutters in the bin of shitty names, as Map of Tasmania rises pheonix like from the ashes… it is a monumentous day.


He’s to you, you hairy twat. Cheers.:kiss:


Always said Mapotasi was a right c***


It is done.

And to celebrate, you can have an emoji too.


No charge.


How come AG is still here?


Fook now I am confused… so old posts stay as AG? All my previous sins forgiven/fully deniable?


Refresh your browser.

All posts made by you will now be @Map-Of-Tasmania.

Any reference using the @ symbol to any of your old names will not be changed.

Any text reference to your old names will also not be changed.

That’s the theory. Is that not the case?


Its working but can you not capitalise the O in of… you know how much a stickler I am for correct grammar and title case is soooo 1980s…

Will I now be Motty, or Tazi, or just Hairy twat?

Oh the laughs we will have…


I could change the Tasmania to cunT if that would help?


Well the dumbfucks that you lot are on here, even that might be too subtle


deleted double post…


Twatster or twatters


Interesting CB, but maybe again lacking the intellectual subtlety I am after.


The Twatmanian Devil?




Tampon Mafia?



If Mapotasi is good enough for Mumsnet…