The NYE Carnage thread

The NYE Carnage thread


Dinner then a lock in at a GoGo bar. What could possibly go wrong.

Updates on magic moments or disasters or the general state of pickledness on here.

Last night saw an Irish lad come out a bar with mates at Nana and simply crumple. We thought it was a good effort until we saw the pool of blood. Medics got to him quickly but was in a bad way on the stretcher.

Hope nobody gets that bad tonight be safe have fun and may 2018 have some goals.

From Saints not the ones you forget by tomorrow lunchtime

Happy New Year! Let’ get the party started!


This year my body will be a temple as I purify my soul physically and spiritually to enable a 100km+ ride tomorrow and begin the year as I mean to go on to free the Adonis that is currently living inside the shell of a fat bastard - however, in the interests of good will to all, I wish thsose embarking on a journey to getting shitfaced, the very best of wishes. May your intoixicated states bring you much joy and freedom, may your hangovers be merely physical and mild and devoid of the dread and fear of misdemenours that cannot be recalled.

Good luck Sotonians on your quest.


House party with friends for me. I will allow you all to wish me happy birthday at midnight.


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Off to a house party. I’ve not been to one of those for years.

It’s my partner’s friends who I’ve thankfully met. They have a bloody lovely house in South London with one of those iceberg basement cinema/bar rooms. It’s going to be awful. :laughing:

Whatever you are up to. Have fun and fingers crossed 2018 is a bit cheerier and less conflicts in the world.


Not sure how this happened. The Ayatollah just sprung this on me. A gourmet dinner down the Harvester (WTF) then a walk (WTF) back to the in laws house for some drinks. “Don’t worry about bringing any booze, they have got a box of J P Chenet in.” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

i have low expectations of the evening and high expectations of a minging cheap wine hangover


I feel your pain. You know what to do…


for all those partaking tonight a cautionary tale, ensure you have enough booze to get you through the night or risk ending up like this poor chap…


…CB at the inlaws NYE 2017


I have just had a Tena Moment


When we went on our team xmas lunch in a local restaurant Paul McGann was there. No wine was consumed by either table.



If I did that, they would probably break out the Gallo, which in their opinion is “the finest wine available to humanity”.

Shoot me now.


I had a visit from the soon to be in laws of the daughter and about the marriage arrangements

I said let me know what you decide so I can veto it so far everything vetoed apart from they still will get married.


Nice restaurant that!



So, the in-laws don’t like you then @cb-saint ?

Keep an eye out for them constantly slipping out of the room to top up their glasses with the good wine…


Dinner was good.

Dolls House on Soi Cowboy by motorike from Nana was epic as usual “snow” up to the bar. But new management so started with a Latex clad Catwoman spanking 2 chicks into action.

Nowt wrong with any of that or the silly string & party poppers until drunk Chinese tourist knocked Mrs D_P off her stool and she headbutted me full on in the nuts so I vomit onto the dance floor.

After avoiding ALL offers of a therapetic massage we have another beer.

I then lose the argument (& I was vehement) about NOT getting back onto motorike taxis in my broken condition.

So while running a red light and doing an illegal U Turn we come off and my bad knee gets planted into the tarmac.

Fuck you 2018 not started yet and I’m needing KRG Level meds for the knee and nuts.

Fuck off cunts


Quite a lot it seems

Get better soon


Spending New Year the same way as Christmas and everyday inbetween … with the meanest bout of flu ever !!!

In a pitiful attempt to be positive, it’s the first time I’ve ever actually lost weight over the festive season :lou_sad:

Anyway Happy New Year Sotonians, have fun yer fuckers !!