🇺🇦 💣 The new Ukraine thread

It seems.a bit daft not to have a thread on what is causing the most amount of grief in the modern world right now

Assuming the mods can keep Baz out of it - shall we have another go?

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And today I had a Ukrainian client on my trip to Auschwitz.
Here on business I didn’t ask what and he thanked me for taking him.
Life does go on

Ukraine are definitely have a better week

Do you reckon they could get Crimea back when this all shakes out?

It definitely appears so. You can tell because the Russian leaning YouTube sites are doing their best to downplay the momentum.

That tells me something is going on.

I see that the Ukrainians themselves are now claiming that Kherson was a load of shit and just meant to trigger the redeployment of Russian forces.

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The other thing that has happened is that Russian politicians are beginning to put their head above the parapet

Not massive for now but acorns and oaks and all that

There was one on the state TV saying that this was not winnable - others on there were calling for total war

The thought was that it may be Putin laying down some narrative that he was misled by his generals that this was a winnable situation just to test the water

Then that sits counter with the Chechen Warlord telling Putin the truth.
And the General appointed in August being sacked (,allegedly)
Zelensky needs to be careful with Crimea cant just blow up the bridge to Russia. Hes doing a great job now taking out arms dumps & resupply lines and causing panic.
Keep those tactics going
Going big now may get the retaliation of a madman

Weird shit.
Individual military trucks & fuel bowsers all across town passed them on almost every road.
Then a formation of military prop planes did a high speed formation approach at the airport before splitting for individual landings

Quiet, Barry.

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Damn I was only precising a bunch of fail articles rather than posting them.

Nut EITHER something is going on in Moscow OR this is a diversion tactic

In WWII, didn’t Rommel tell Hitler the allies would invade in Normandy, but other advisers said it would be somewhere else, and I think Rommel’s forces were deployed away from where the D day invasion actually took place.

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Pardon my possible ignorance, but wouldn’t destroying the Russian built bridge into Crimea be a good move to sever supply lines from Russia into Crimea/Ukraine?

Yes. Obviously - cut Crimea off etc yu are right - good thing. BUT I have fears

Equally and ONLY imho it is possible the end game is beginning.
Morale Materiel and Leadership appear to be crumbling (and yes I don’t believe what I read hence the word appear)
Comments being made by the inner circle of Putin.
So he is under pressure, his big gamble is in trouble. So I think a grand gesture like cutting Crimea off is not wise at this time.
Pressure is mounting on Putin - good.
But pushing him into a corner may cause him to lash out - it would be VERY simple to target the HIMARS units with Battlefield Nukes, and something a Madman could contemplate.
So dangerous days

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Yes - I agree with you about what the lunatic might do, but probably the Ukrainians have a plan about when the bridge will be destroyed.

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Sanctioned by Putin?

Doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume so, but I’m no expert on this conflict.

Progozhin, the Wagner boss, is a mate of Putin so that seems a reasonable assumption

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Yeah, he’s probably taking out of his arse.

The man is off his rocker

Quiet Barry.

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I think more like living in an alternate reality.

Maybe it’s like the Man in the High Castle where there are alternate Earths and he keeps swapping between them and has forgotten which one he is in…