👀 🧠 🤷 The Mind Boggles Thread

We don’t seem to have a spot for yer “what in the actual fuck” jaw dropper that occasionally hoves into view. So when this bizarre tale rendered me speechless, I thought we ought to have one.

I do remember a similar case in the distant past where some lunatic advertised for a volunteer to provide a tasty supper of fresh-cut meat and two veg, and received an enthusiastic reply from another equally stable member of the community. I assumed that must have been a one off, but here we are again.

I remembered the 1st story in Germany it was a wtf

Could we keep this section…light. You know, topics north of the waistline e.g. someone snacking on an ear or nose.

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Sounds like bollocks to me.

Semi-naked man high on crystal meth wanders through Czech village after slicing off his ears and ge…

In other news, the Usti nad Labem Brasserie has a special today on sausage and meatballs.

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Good to see the taffs getting in on the action. :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Browsing the Daily Echo website this morning I have to say I was rendered speechless after reading this front page exclusive. Help me out here Scotty.


Fuck that’s a scary picture.

I have to admit Nottarf, were I to be faced with that horror show on retrieving their car keys from the bowl I might be tempted to amputate my own genitalia rather than go through with it. Dear God, what an absolute nightmare. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Some people really have no self awareness…

Yes indeed, it nearly put me off my breakfast. I did wonder if it was some kind of spoof article but I don’t think so, after all it is The Daily Echo, not Viz comic. Although, Elvis Sharps and Tracy Doncaster…!

Indeed. :joy::joy::joy: FFS

Did you lot wear out that dogging hotspots link or something?

Nah, dogging season doesn’t start until April.

Share Message - Men admit conspiracy to remove genitals


Virgins ‘set to pop their cherries in front of the camera’ with the help of ‘sex surrogates’ on idy…

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They wont be virgins they will just be on the blob so you see a bit of blood. :smiling_face:

For fucksake.


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