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Adding to the moral decay of society. They are just reaching the bottom of the barrel now with reality shows, doing anything outrageous, to push buttons, and really just doing nothing to promote any decency anymore. Anything goes these days.

What happened to family friendly promoted shows? Or is it all just a promotion of infidelity, orgies, hook-up culture? Is this just another way of normalizing the abnormal? Not everything needs to be promoted or celebrated. It may need to be tolerated, but not celebrated.

It’s all effeminate guys and and hippie chicks basically.

The whole thing is just so phony.


Lol :joy::joy:



Look, I may have tried to take some dogs home in my time but…

Perhaps he got tired of her nagging.

Man ‘has penis bitten off and eaten by pet dog’: Horror as man is found with genitals missing after…

Update today…

“In his defence, Gustavson’s legal team claimed he only wanted to “put a smile on people’s faces” “


Genital mutilation…hours of fun for all the family. :smile::smile:

For some its a religion….

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Oooh, widening the topic. Good point, well made though.

Fucking hell, what sort of churches do you go to?? :dizzy_face::smile:


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The atomic colonic

Now if he got a ciggie lighter out and applied it to his cock…now that would be something to applaud!

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He’s got a four star rating on PumpAdvisor :grin:

When did this become a thing? :person_facepalming::unamused:

But think its something that happens when you take things to INXS

Since porn became freely available in the internet…now every sexual deviance is out there for anyone to see with no effort!!

When will men learn that “gggmmmmph” means “gggmmmmph”. :frowning:



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