🎙 :lou_facepalm_2: 🎹 The mighty Quo ha ha!

Enjoy Goatboy, they’re still rocking and the punters love it!

What’s the average age of that audience?
Older than Glastonbury i’d say, but like yourself haven’t been for decades so don’t really know :wink:

There’re still rock’n baby!

Sane shit contentless song again. How dull.
Anyone that wants them at Glastonbury is not only someone that agrees with older people hogging tickets, it’s someone that’s actively promoting uping the average age. Well done you :thinking:

Can’t hear you, rock’n.

That’s because you’re to fucking old🤣

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@Barry-Sanchez, I have only recently recovered from my last laughing fit. I feel I have the constitution to survive a whole thread about Quo, but it’s going to be hard.

I’m going to be laughing hard.

Can we get you on record? Pyramid headliners for 2020? :smiley:

Err no Pap, this is what is called a laugh, not taking one self too seriously, now would I see them at Glastonbury if they played? Yes maybe? Headlining? No probably not.

To be fair to you Barry, there is very clearly a “ha ha!” delicately balancing on the end of the thread title.

Not clear enough it would appear.

Who would you pick as a throw back headliner?
Just about all of the big acts from the 70s are well past it. Most that i like from the 80s and 90s are either dead or split long ago, so some suggestions please.

It’s Hyde Park.

Anywhere from 65-108

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Harsh but probably not far off.

This is around the time I decided Quo weren’t for me…

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What I would pray for is that Dylan doesn’t resurrecte himself for a shot at it :rofl:

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+1 :+1:

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Dylan can still cut it live, but not as a festival headliner… Neil Young would be awesome though, although mist younger folk will struggle with his back catalogue…

50th anniversary of Glastonbury?

Who it should be:
Obviously The Kinks - were due to play first and it would be amazing if the Davies brothers could sort it out

Who it most likely will be…
U fucking 2 or something equally as ‘non-edgy…’

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Dylan fan but the concerts of his I’ve been to have been a bit underwhelming in playing standards on Bob’s behalf. U2 can, well, go do one

They are on tour next November/December in the UK.

The Tubes. Still going strong, and still brilliant.

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