⛳ The Masters 2019


It is that week of the year when many of us watch 5 days of magical images and some amazing golf from Augusta.
In fact its the only time of year Mrs P_F enjoys watching.
It’s the final gig for Sky’s expert Butch Harmon, a Wednesday night of memories and kids at the Par 3 tournament (who will forget Jack’s Grandson getting a hole in 1)
It’s one place all us hackers would pay anything to play but never will.
So this is the build up and match dayvthreads all wrapped in one.
I’ll be back with tales of trying to sign up to Golf TV & installing an App on the telly, and some thoughts on who may win.
If you are on Instagram or Twitter a good week to follow my mates Reddersgolf & @Cannonball63 who will be posting their best snaps of the week.


Masters: Tiger Woods’ first major - from mixing with stars to Monday history class - http://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/47833176


I don’t mind golf on the big occasions but I prefer their watches by a large margin, Mickleson’s day/date but any of them, McIIroy’s Omega is a thing of beauty.


Always amused me at The Omega Dubai Desert Classic when a Rolex wearing winner got presented an Omega.
Mrs P_F blagged Corporate down in Abu Dhabi one year in the Rolex box. I turned up to collect her after working my TV crew shift (did that as got paid for it!)
She became besties with the local partner & major shareholder always been a sore point she never blagged a freebie, not that I’d wear one, I’m a Tag guy.

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I’m a day/date guy but I can’t stretch to the costs of one! Have a seamaster for a belated 40th and would love to get a speedmaster at some point, its Bond, all about Bond ha ha!

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I have the limited edition Brad Pitt Aquaracer, probably almost 15 years old now.
I won it, it replaced my 1st ever Tag which was one of those with a gold colour strip down the strap bought with my 1st proper bonus check & stolen by an ex maid.
Tomorrow I’ll give some how to find a Masters winner & Top 10 best ideas so others can win one from their bookies

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Sound on


The draw is announced. Some interesting pairings, but they missed a TV trick by not putting Sergio & Kuchar together.

Remember Augusta doesn’t allow full coverage & BBC 2 only shows the weekend rounds so mix & match with streams from Amen corner

Masters 2019 tee times: Rory McIlroy to play with Rickie Fowler at Augusta - http://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/47871484


OK, so who is going to win?

1st up it’s The Masters, so historically unless you were Tiger in your prime, world #1 doesn’t win. Sorry Justin.
2nd up, every year of late, the winner has been someone obvious, from the field, that nobody thought about. They also always have a back story.
3rd up, there seems to be something about Bib number 89
4th up, in 2 of the last 3 Masters the winner also won working with me at the Dubai Desert Classic.

So, flying under the radar AND a story, Bib 89 AND won the Desert Classic?

So actually back to Justin, this is his Caddies’ 1st week back since Heart Valve Surgery, there could be a story there. Yes there is https://www.golfchannel.com/news/lord-garners-praise-justin-roses-fill-caddie-farmers.
So he does have a chance.

Rory under the radar? Well, actually this year he has done his best to be mentally positive but not as “loud” in the media as in previous years. His putting has always been streaky and at Augusta that is crucial. I think this year IS his best chance to win it.

Desert Classic winner? Story? Well, the mad scientist looked like he would win everything not long ago, but has been on an awful run of form of late. Equally, the missing link is me. I did NOT work at the Classic this year. So, unless Bryson wins, that will prove that I am a golfing God. I don’t see him challenging.

Bib #89. Nope. I bet anyone a ZILLION Dollars that #89 will not win this year. (there are only 86 players in the field. :sunglasses:

Dustin? He has some form, but does he have the bottle, is his challenge something to be sniffed at? Will he be staying in a Bungalow so cant fall down stairs? Top 10 at best for me.

Tyrell? Eddie? either of the Matts? Not yet IMHO, a top 15 finish for any of them will be a great result.

Tommy? I’d love to see it, his entire family & support team are such a wonderful crew, still don’t think he quite has enough ice in his veins yet. His best chance is to be coming from behind on Sunday and on a hot streak where you are in a zone. So IF he hangs in there within 5 or 6 shots on Sunday morning, he could. Do think he is a Top 5 chance.

Francesco doesn’t seem to do Augusta very well, but then until last summer he couldn’t putt. Would be great for European Tour but can’t see it, just not his course.

Story Winner?
There is one. Tony Finau. He was Top 10 last year AFTER dislocating his ankle on the Par 3 - not been in great form but other than dredging through bios of who just had a baby, he has to be an outsider to watch.

So my Top 5?

  1. Justin (The Caddy story MIGHT just do it, he is in form after all)
  2. Rory The nearly man - just think there are bigger stories out there this year
  3. Tony Finau The outsider - because someone will be
  4. Tiger because he will be in there somewhere unless he crocks himself
  5. Dustin

But, on Sunday night, there is the possibility that every follower of any sport in the world could grind to a halt and watch a TV or a stream somewhere.
Because we all know that deep down, Tiger challenging and even winning it would be a story line that no film writer could come up with, and I for one would LOVE to see that more than I would a Rory victory. (And it might just add a few $$$ to my collection of stuff he signed for me over the years) :upside_down_face:


a second golf thread… we are doomed


Nah we often have them for The Majors :slight_smile:



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For the Gambling types on here who like a bit of a flutter…

And because Le God loves it.


For the gamblers.
DON’T put any money on Matt Wallace to win.
Place in top 10 maybe but he won the par 3 tournament (fool) & in 50 years nobody has won both.

P.S. Paul Casey is a nob. But also flying under the radar. His story is the comeback from injury
Worth a place on Betfair


Jeez. A gambler in Nevada has dropped $85,000 on Tiger at 14/1 with William Hill in London.



Rose 14-1. Oosterhuizen 35-1.

Betfred paying 1/4 odds for 1st 6 places. Oosty -2 after 3.



The alt streams are fiddly but got to a stream