🍻🍷 The Map of 🇲🇷 Booze thread whatever the title says (or is changed to when moderately intoxicated)

I can sum up my marriage as ten reasonably happy years followed by ten tolerable ones, and ending with ten years of abject misery which came close to killing me. I give thanks every day that I’m rid of her.

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There is often truth to be found in comedy…

I can relate to that. :smile::smile::smile:

Anyone tried these vintages?

I’ll leave the official @sotonians response to our wine connoisseurs :joy:

Bet it’s not kosher

Fucking hell :dizzy_face::confounded::joy::joy::joy:

Bit of a niche market I suspect, certainly don’t seem to be flying off the shelves. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Got a bit pissed at lunch quite unintentionally, thanks to the yanks inability to highlight the abv of the beers and me not understanding how big a 22oz beer is

So I ended up with a 670ml of 9% IPA

Meh that’s only a bottle of cheap Liebraumilch


Blue Nun at least. :smiley:


Black Tower.



And a bottle of Spitfire on the bench for a HT sub if needed