🍻🍷 The Map of 🇲🇷 Booze thread whatever the title says (or is changed to when moderately intoxicated)

At least a Leeuwin Art Collection…

I have a dozen of the Chardonnay in the cellar

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My eldest Son decided to hold a party in the sand pit while I was travelling.

About a week later I discovered my Museum edition Leeuwins Hunter Valley Chardonnay open in the Fridge

It cost me A$200 and at the time was worth about US$400

He left vinegar

He has never lived it down, even a Final Tour Genesis ticket didn’t come close

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Made it 10x worse!

A virgin Mary could try a drop of methanol in it to make it a real one

You really don’t want methanol in it….

Yes I know that but the remedy for methanol poisoning is to get drunk on Vodka of which the boss has a bottle of Grey Goose locked up in his safe.

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Didn’t the Italians get into a spot of bother a few decades ago by spicing up their cheap Lambrusco with methanol? I remember the jokes going round at the time about garages buying it up because it was cheaper than antifreeze, or buying Lambrusco in Halfords.

That was Austria…they used Anti-Freeze.

After a coupe of “Broadside to Danny Boy”s (sic) now onto the house red

Buy some - you will not regret it

In Bangkok airport

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Do the travelators still talk to you?

Ting Tong da Talk.

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Yes of course they do and they still all work unlike most airports

The taste of a Pint of Firecatcher Amber Ale after 11 days without being allowed even a beer.
Oh my days