😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Season so far

They are on my bucket list


Stomped it like a boss???

You can shove that up your arse you utter wanker


Ohhow i wish my knees still worked


I know just the place for you. Lovely area in Austria, Ski in/out, with a gentle gliding run that’s 7km long, with stunning views and it takes you straight back to your spa hotel(one side off the outdoor part of the pool is shaped like a sun lounger and if you lay on it, you’re body is just under the water and the 1000s of little water jets give your back a massage).


My knees are fvcked nof my back!
Planis to don some strap ons to the knees & try ouf at Zakopane for a day. Think ill need another op but maybe meds will work


The run is slow and smooth, so no impact(it’s the gentlest run i’ve ever been on, so thought of it).
Good luck with the day out. Enjoy whatever your body can handle.


Knee braces work for me. And not attempting to keep up with the kids… My knees sound like someone scrunching a bag of Frazzles when I bend down.


mmmmm frazzles, shame about the bacon burps for the rest of the day after a couple of packets (not a shame for me but anyone in my general vicinity).


Mrs C_S is not happy

The cabby I got to take me from the station to our Cheltenham office is definitely not happy if the Cheltenham Festival gets cancelled- it’s his nice little earner to pay for his summer holiday.


Retailers who put labels on glassware using a glue with more adhesive strength than no more nails. Why?


The quiet angry professional who came through to my phone somehow earlier. Said my name and she then launched into having a go at me. I started my working week today. No idea about the referral she made. I’ve worked with her before. She can be fine. What she wants isn’t something we do anyway. She seems to think were still in the 70s…
Ah well.


Nor indeed will I. Our pissed up bus troop are heading there on the Friday for Gold Cup Day.


Fingers crossed- not that it’s cancelled obviously


Mwah. Someone’s robbing my identity. Got a nice new card for a bank account I didn’t open yesterday, plus a nice bill from EE for two top of the range handsets I apparently ordered. I have spent much of the day politely explaining that I have not ordered these things.

Date of birth and address all correct. Mobile numbers look made up. I am now on a fraud action list. If anyone signs up for new financial products in my name I’ll be contacted instantly. The bank lot were already onto it.

Fucksake. The data breach age, eh?


Too late, I signed you up to a mega loan, only because your bank account was empty…


Happened to me a while back. Some scroat took out a payday loan in my name.first I heard about it was when the legal letters started to arrive. After accusing the Ayatollah (didn’t go well) I got stuck into the company. They were not interested until I flooded there social media calling them a bunch of conning gits, and facilitators of fraud. We came to an understanding of minds after that.

What did happen was that there is now a flag on my credit record so if any little shitbag tries to do something similar, they have to go through an enhanced verification process. Unfortunately I have since forgotten the answer to the security questions so I can never get credit again.


Had my cards skimmed. This seems a much bigger pain.


Had it twice before. About 20 years ago, some bastard who worked in a petrol station cloned my credit card. The following month there we purchases for loads of car modifications including a set of Carlos Fandango super wides, all purchased in Bury. Luckily the bank were pretty cool about it and sorted it out. The second time my card was used to buy about 100 tonne of body building steroids, but the bank get onto me straight away “Is this purchase yours Sir?” “You must be joking!” “We’ thought so, seeing as Sir is a lazy, porky twat”.
They know me so well.


Mrs G had cards cloned this week. Hundreds of £to bet 365 + lots of Nike trainers ordered + concert tickets. Cunts.


One silver lining of the whole hack your accounts shit…

We had our ebay account done a while back. I believe the idea is to start small and then ratchet up the purchases then go in and change the delivery address - where paypal is linked to the account it merrily processes the transactions.

Tbf to EBay they spotted this and shut it down and we were able to back out the purchase transactions

A few days later a PS4 game and two wireless headphones turn up in the post

We contact Ebay - who said they would arrange for a return label to be sent. We wait. We contact them again. Nothing. We wait. We contact paypal. They say just keep the stuff. We wait. We kept it.

Now what really pisses me off is that bloody Ebay stopped the account before the 2 PS4 Pro and the Nikon DSLR that were sat in the shopping basket were processed. Why couldn’t they wait 5 more minutes?