😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Arrrgghh. All my tech plans undone. Total disaster.

OK so 1) Poland only allows shops to open on a Sunday once a month (ie not this weekend.
2) Mrs D_P shipped all the remote controls by air freight
3) She took out ALL the batteries, from everything. Sure we carried the mobile phone spares etc with us but she took all the batteries out of the handsets. Just unpacked TV 2 and
No batteries.
Bolloxed until tomorrow.

See, that’s why the UK is fvcked, you should be going to Church on a Sunday not Aldi


I subscribe to Sonar Hosting for £60 a year and run the streams through SmartIPTV on my Samsung and IPTV Smarters Pro on the tablet. I’ve got reasonable BB and the streams are really good. Sometimes have to log out and in if there’s been an update. Also bit of a pain that the tv app doesn’t have parental control … Sonar comes with the full array of nature channels !! Don’t need a VPN and I would recommend it. Happy to show you it on Saturday at the pre-doo dah drinkies if you’re there. SCD


You got a link, Seedy?


If you use the contact form at the bottom (or email the guy) then he’ll send you a link for 24hours of free go so you can try it.

It’s got all tv channels around the world, movies and tv box sets galore.


I think I’d still want a VPN from my device to his servers - unless I’m missing something.


So far so good. The rebuild Windows 7 CD I found is working, the old Core i5 Dell box has booted & doing the custom install of windows (yes I backed everything up ages ago)

I’d just say it is slower than Bazza recognising a good player at the moment




Just leaving a reply at the bottom of this thread.

Please ignore - as if you ever didn’t!


Good grasp of spelling there.


Dancing on ice

Holy fuck, how bad is this

I am praying the skater has to lift that fat flump who did a massive face plant in the previous episode (replays, this is my first and last episode)

God in heaven


The Ayatollah made you watch it?

Hmmm…the man protesteth too much.

You loved it really Admit it. :lou_wink:


It was an intermission between episodes of ski sunday


Cor, Ski Sunday. Is that still a thing? Haven’t seen it in years.


Getting an HBO Poland account for free in a promo and finding you cant download tge app on a Sony TV.
(Westworld, GoT)among others.
Working on the laptop issue may have remembered how to be a geek so may have a solution for tgat which solves tge HBO issue as well.
Also researched changing the geo location on the Sony would give us utter shite Netflix selection but 50% better Prime. So that has been shelved. Too many shows to catch up.
But no fvcking way am i loading any app that gives us Strictly or Dancing on Ice


Unfortunately the Gays on Trays have invaded

“That half pipe was totally sic. The girls are killing it”

Just Fuck off


What the fuck is a double front cork 1260


I’d shove that half pipe right up their mogul - sideways…


Front swivel 1260°?
I forgot about ski Sunday. I take we’re not at the Wengen/Kitzbuhel/Schladming point of the season yet?


Done wengen and the lauberhorn


And kitzbuhl


You or the season so far?
Like Kitzbuhel, but not been to Wengen or Schladming. Would like to do the 3 in 2 weeks, following the racing, but never have(yet).