😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


I went to my UK Bank yesterday.
“I have moved, this is my new address it is my wice’s house”
Yes, do you have 4 months utilities bills and a leaze in your name?
“No, i just moved and its my wifes house, i need to register at that address but will never get a utility bill as i am not a citizen”
Yes, your account is frozen until you have 4 utility bills in your name. And repeat for 90 minutes until a manager came out and finally agreed it was 1) stupid 2) meant i had to contravene EU law.
We settled for about £150 worth of Notarised and Certified translations.
And no bank account in UK until then


Honestly, what HAS happened to spell check?


Mobile device? My laptop and desktop spellcheck still work using Chrome.


Yep. Some android update no doubt


Well, if you still have the wireless headphones…


possibly Vodka?


Discovering you’ve been calling your mate the wrong name for about 14 years. :woman_shrugging:t2:


You plonker.



Care to share the names?



I understand this completely. I have been known to call friends of 20 years+ by the wrong name(regularly).
It’s probably their fault for being unremarkable and unrememberable, so don’t worry about it.


I could not divulge. Apparently due to grammar I’ve used the correct name when talking about said person but when using their name but when speaking to said person should have dropped a letter at end. Noted.


That’s right Dave…


Finding out that your nephews history syllabus next year covers a period during which you lived the first 20 years of your life :lou_angry:


First world war is pretty standard as a history subject I would have thought :lou_wink_2:


Finally getting sick having spent a week looking after my partner.
Coming home to chill to find the nice family from across the way having a banging party. Kids must be away (I hope).


Kids having a party because parents away?


The kids are all under 6 years. It’s definitely the adults as seen them out on balcony. They do appear to have stopped now.


Yeah, under 6s don’t normally do that kind of thing.
Progressive independent partying toddler is probably being worked on by someone though and it’ll be you that has to deal with it.
Retire while you’re still sane.


Having a dual sim mobile phone.

And 3 sim cards.


I thought of a cracking little annoyance this morning, and have now forgotten what it was, so it must have been a very little annoyance.