😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Got done yesterday


City are currently losing to Chelsea, which means Liverpool will be top of the Premier League tonight :sob::sob:


Security at venues. I’ve met some lovely ones and knew many at the Guildhall. I even got a house rabbit off one.
But tonight’s guy at Dingwalls in Camden was just plain rude.
My partner was in front. He missed the girl in the booth taking tickets so was pointed back. Once that was done he tries to walk in where security guy barked “photo ID!”. My partner thought it was me as lead booker so pointed at me. Security then says we were meant to being ID. He then tells my partner to stand in front of a camera and have his photo taken. I then have to go through same process.
I don’t remember reading this on tickets. Also really not sure about them having our photos but I am sure if we refused, no entry.


Intimate gig was it?


Yeah I thought someone would lower the tone. My money was on you.
An actual :rabbit:
He was called Ellie. I thought he was a she and then couldn’t be bothered to find a new name.


Should this be in the “Trans Gender” thread?

Just asking. :lou_wink_2:


Tone lowering is my forté.
edit: Tone Lo’rin is gonna be my new rap name.


Ellie was very much a boy! No changing gender there. Anyway he could have been Elias the bunny.


That level of rudeness is basically every entry point into the North Eastern United States.




Auditors and Assessors,
Come offshore and nit pick everything whilst they haven’t actually got a clue as to what we really do.
Cunts the lot of them


Yeah the few times I’ve been to the states (generally in transit) have made me not want to experience that again. Thought they were all meant to be sunny and bright and have a good day! Not at all in any of the airports.


Has always been that way…my first visit in the '70s I was greeted by an officious morose Immigration official. I came forewarned…never try to converse with an Immigration official.


Miami is by far and away the worst - and that after making you wait over an hour in a barely air conditioned hall.


They don’t even speak to you in Newark.

They just wave and look at you as if you’re a piece of shit for asking.


Best experience was coming into Las Vegas in 2011…10 years to the day after 9/11. Stamped our passports and smiled…“there’s one to show your friends…9/11/2011”


A friend travelled to Florida just after the event and got a round of applause in one place. They still liked him after he admitted that he was there because he couldn’t afford to cancel(that and the 3 kids would’ve hated him for years, if he had).
Weird place in a lot of ways, but most of the people are genuinely friendly and helpful.


Arrrgh. Extreme Packing.
We are moving. Probably end of Jan. We have 1 rip over Xmas & 1 when we go. We paid for an extra 20kg so can pack 40kg + 7g carry on.
Problem is the shipping company will take 45 days to deliver our gear. So the annoyance is what will we need in those 45 days? What can we carry to survive a Polish Winter.
We need towels bed sheets thermals. This weekend is already a nightmare of shit vacuum bags and I just know I’m gonna get there and say
Boĺlox forgot the MadeiraXmas presents or something…


They do have shops in Poland dont they?


Yes obviously but luckily I learnt economics from Pap on the Brexit thread so have a choice between shopping for stuff I already have like decent Egyptian Cotton bed linen and food…
But seriously we plan to build on some land she owns so every Zloty spare goes to the grand plan fund.