😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Getting into work and not being able to log onto the database we use. Do the usual restart the laptop. Check the password etc. Nada. Call IT. She tries a few things. I comment that this is a bit annoying as I leave the team on Friday and need to get on with recording. She then asked which team I am in. So turns out that HR have been superdooper efficient and have set me up in the new team as of last Friday (I don’t start until Jan 2nd) so they deleted my old account. Thankfully sorted.
Later on I get invited to an induction on Wednesday. I politely email back saying I am moving after 2 years in the workplace and have quite a lot to do before I leave so I won’t be attending. I don’t think it was this efficient when i started before!


Gremlins doesn’t even make the top 20 of Christmas movies WTAF? And has anyone actually watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”??


I love It’s A Wonderful Life!


Elf, on the other hand, is shit.


This is worthy of you attention young Bob Cratchit …


Never seen it’s a wonderful life. Only seen 6 of those films. Bah humbug.


And Scrooged is only 18th!

It is made up of the opinions of the 7,000 people who still buy the Radio Times though. I’m assuming they’re all over 90.


Flight from Labuan to KL already delayed 3 hours means I only have less than an hour in Kl for my connection to Philippines


Some selfish toe rag has come into work and spread their germ so , which via the ac, has now infected me.

I fucking hate colds and particularly when the fridge is bursting at the seems with top tucker and I won’t be able to taste a thing.

I hope whoever did this to me get an excruciatingly painful dose of genital warts.


“Colleagues” attempting to throw you under the bus for a major howler while you are taking a few days leave - (so I don’t lose holiday).

Luckily the interconnectedness of the worldwide interweb meant I saw emails and could call them out & have support of the Board to back me up.

Am looking forward to being back in the office on Monday (if only to log on, log off, go to the pub after giving some people a right royal bollocking on Xmas Eve).

As much as I hate to give a bollocking, but when when people are willing to blatantly lie about something to try and save their own asses, goodwill goes out the window.

I suspect I’ll be recruiting in the new year :rage:

Merry Christmas


My partner getting ill 2 days before we fly out of the UK. I’m sleeping on sofa to avoid germs and snoring.


Upvoted out of sympathy obvs.


My partner who insists on using speaker phone on all calls in the home.


Surely that could be easily remedied with some carefully ‘unaware they were on the phone’ and ‘factually inventive’ loud background comments? I’ll open it up to sotonians to make some suggestions as to what these potentially defaming comments could be.


“Darling, would you mind putting your anal beads away when you’ve finished with them?”


I think you must be mistaken officer…he was here with me all last night, WEREN’T YOU DEAR!


No, I’ve never noticed him showing any interest in Drones before, it can’t be him officer.


Darling, have we got any more hydroflouric acid? the body in the bath hasn’t quite melted yet!!


Darling, where did you put the cable ties and lube?


Oh you guys! Always coming up.with excellent ideas…