😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Apparently so.


I was shooting and pistol whipping kids at six, wearing my cowboy outfit and Hopalong Cassidy watch. Then moved on to stabbing kids with my plastic spring loaded Bowie Knife. Sure it was a tough life being a kid in the '50s but you only had to spend 30 seconds “dead” before springing back to life.


IT’s not the playing I don’t mind, it’s the fact that BTripz Jr is always in a co-op with his school friends and all you can hear is one side of the conversation and him telling others what to do all the time AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE.


Ha! get him along to St Mary’s we need more volume from our supporters. :lou_lol:


And directions for the team


We had the plastic knives until we were allowed proper sheath knives at 10 / 11 so when we went across the forest we could cut the ferns down to make our camps and dens,


I think we only played dead for 15-20 secs so you could get the opposition in the back when you returned to life.


You youngsters had it easy. :lou_facepalm_2:


Perhaps if you invested in a bit of new technology, like a microphone, he wouldn’t have to shout down the Tin Can & piece of string?


Doesnt the co-op have WIFI ?


Being volunteered to sort out the sound system and music for a party. When I have none of that stuff.
Hey, it is free beer, and it will be cool (a golf thing for all the volunteers this week) but it is still a “stress” trying to find an old laptop with a speaker jack and the right software to convert & download You Tube songs as MP3.

Luckily I delegated it to the boss.

Who is now not talking to me


Didn’t they go bust?


That was Woolworths, Comet, MFI, Tyrell & Greens? Owen & Owens, and possibly the rest od Southampton above Bar shops.


This guy has a very valid point

But, if nothing has been done to improve safety then why the fuck ride that part of the route until something is done? It’s not as if it is going to take long to get safely past…

Saying “I’m going to die at this roundabout” smacks of a death wish waiting to happen. Maybe he’ll look down from above and smugly say “I told you do”

I’d certainly campaign to get the junction made safer but all I see is someone trying the hackneyed #metootheworldmustdowhatIwantnow


I’m afraid you’ll find that the person approaching the roundabout the fastest…has the right of way. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Just like that little one on the way into Alton three turns off it who ever. Approaches the fastest or refuses to give way goes first.


Forgetting to try on one type of clothing after pre holiday weight loss, diving into the pool and finding that your trunks are now round your ankles


I normally go to sleep listening to Radio4 in the background (since a kid)

Now the politicians are talking absolute bollox about Brexshit / Backstops / feeble excuses for not getting the deal Brexiteers wanted and throwing each other under the bus and looking only to raise their own profile to remain elected- I’ve turned the radio off - I’m laughing too much. Absolute fucking clowns on both sides.

And some people take politicians seriously and believe what they say / allegedly Stand for. You couldn’t make it up.

Goodnight all



Cor, it’s even funnier today - Tories lying about what side they haven’t or have joined. Papesque style comments about bad old Johnny Foreigner taking over our sovereignty by the back door. Vassal states etc - Loads of harrumphing.

Absolutely comical. Self serving cunts with no regard to anyone but themselves and the public still fall for it. You couldn’t make this up.


Honestly cannot be bothered with watch news anymore.
I want to go an live on a deserted island somewhere quiet.