😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Why do you think I live in the Philippines?


What was your address again? Asking for a friend like :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Less Duarte and I’d be there. Well maybe somewhere of th coast of South America (not Falklands as looks a bit cold and miserable)


What you hear about Duterte and what is actually happening here are 3 different things.


It is. - very cold and miserable- especially in the summer (ours)


The Ayatollah’s fav program is on - I’m a celebrity. Now I have to endure three weeks of that Saggy faced cunt on the tv every day


Is her eyesight that bad?


People who post on social media
How’s the weather in UK today

Oh wait.
Oops, sorry


You’re really coping very well away from the Brexit thread.

You were right to drop the issue and never bring it up again :smiley:

:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


BlackFriday… cunting retailers selling surplus and out of date stock to people who dont really need it and another piece of American shit we can do without… like teh BBC calling trainers ‘sneakers’ FFS. (I am fucking off to shout at more clouds)


Anyone use the online passport renewal?

Yes it might be £9.50 cheaper but not amount of saving is worth trying to get the fecking website to accept the photo


Harvey Weinstein thread, post 218 you will find my tale of online renewal.


Sitting on the beach in St Maarten with a couple of rum punch and a bucket of beer…not bad.
…Until the bloke on the next lounger starts up the conversation, with “You been here before?”
“Yes…four or five times”
“It’s our second cruise” he says. He then tells us why his first cruise was much better than this one…at length. “Independence of The Seas…far superior in every way”
“Oh yeah…a bit too floating Las Vegas for our taste” I reply.
“Yes he beams”
“Hmmm…Whatever floats your boat” I reply. I think that went right over his head…hopefully several fathoms. :lou_wink_2:


I have said it more than once.

Going back offshore after a month at home on the piss.
Knowing my last drink will be at 22:00 this evening and the next one will be at 14:25 on December 20th


You have to use it if you want you passport renewed and you live abroad.

It’s a pain in the arse the last time the website was telling me the passport was delivered and in fact it was sat at the local post office where a housemaid eventually picked it up after giving the person behind the counter 100 peso’s ($2.00) with no identification or Authorisation from me to the Post office for her to collect it.


So, our cunting govt assumes that a person working one hour a week is “employed”

OK not a massive part of the workforce but it shows they’d fuck their granny to make themselves look good in statistics…

Right, off to embarrass Young Adult #2 in front of his mates :lou_lol:

Edit: correcting autocorrect from counting back to cunting


£166 Dominos Pizza bill for Young Adult #2’s “do” - and having for someone to go pick it up as they don’t deliver orders over £100 - only to find out We had 6 pizzas too many…& like an idiot gave Mrs C_S my card to pay.

Am now over the limit to drive so can’t go crazy apeshit mental with the fuckwit who took the order. read it back and still got it wrong…

Am currently trying to think calm thoughts…


I believe it’s actually 1 hour in every fortnight.


It was, read the update at the end of the article though.


Wesley Hoedt