😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


So the Ayatollah in her infinite wisdom (spot on again :lou_angry:) says to me that as we are going on hols next week and I have lost a fair bit of weight recently, I might want to try on my holiday clobber.

I have one shirt that fits, everything else looks like a kid dressed in their dads clothes. Where the fuck am I going to find shorts, summer shirts and trousers at this time of year?

Not to mention I am recovering from open wallet surgery after Gordon Ramsey filled his boots yesterday.

And now I have to go into town


I’m in the same boat, (BTW you’re not literally on the same boat are you? - cruising in the Caribbean) as I’m looking for some new shorts. I’m well catered for snow in the Caribbean but if the sun shines I’ll be wearing my tatty old stuff.


Outlet Malls.
Normally dumping stuff from 2 seasons ago.
We did the weight loss thing had to replace our entire wardrobes, Krakow, Braintree & Dubai Outlet Malls did the job.
Trip to skatesville for you then.


it was a disaster

Trying to find clothes that can cope with 30 degree heat when all anyone has in stock is hoodies, coats and jumpers was a nightmare.

I think at one point i suggested eating 15000 calories a day for the next week to fit back into them.


Another day of excel.
Trying to hit a moving target that someone has hidden with data strewn across about 30 other excel files



Equally, trying to explain software sales development and support to accountants who are used to dealing with box shifting…
Well you have a product, why do you need to keep all these devs on the payroll…


Get one of your software geeks to write an algorithm to find it ?

Job done on the golf course after lunch :lou_lol:


One of the kids walking in, when the Mrs has her face planted in the pillow and you are right up behind her. :lou_is_a_flirt:


Having acquired approximately $1000 worth of Winter Coats for the princely sum of $120, I now face the reality that like a total TWONK, I just spent this month’s going down the Pub and topping up on my drinking Wine stock budget.


Triple Sec and Bols?
Have a bottle of hand crafted Schnapps in the cupboard. May have to demolish some of the moonshine what the hell flavour is this Vodka that has been sitting there for years. No Beers unless I find free stuff.



Why would any body buy triple sec ?

Is there any drink that is enhanced by it?


Long island Iced Tea


Well it must have been produced for something and pulling the nippers hair out of the toilet bowl after he had been on the LIIT’s was not a good experience


Margaritas :sunglasses:




When the kids have nicked the password for your Netflix account and because your cheap only got 2 users at a time so you cannot log in :lou_angry:


When you buy Netflix for the family and you end up watching films on your iPhone because there aren’t enough big telly boxes…


(makes whip sound)


Got it in one



All the kids are playing it. When I chat to any kid they say it’s their fave. Even the quite young ones.


You’re never too young to shoot a complete stranger in the face with a silenced submachine gun.

As long as the violence is cartoony.