😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Inset nee Teacher Training days!!

OK I get that they’re needed but the little snot’s new school is now closing down half a day early the day before an inset day!! WTAF

Do they realise the hassle they cause parents in having to find childcare arrangements or take days off work!!

Also, couldn’t they have a block of 5 of them and have an extra week off of school!!


Why cant teachers do training during there holidays like I have to ?


What festivals are on?

Colleagues kids go to a school Fawley way (New Forest Academy??) that has two inset days the Friday and Monday of the Glastonbury weekend,

Another mates school (teacher) they do an extra half hour training at the end of each week and take the inset days as free holiday (another academy)


It’s odd, because its Remain that seem to be obsessed with them.


Nah, obsessed is the wrong word. They’re a comedic sideshow distracting from more important matters.

the only problem is that misguided support from some quarters and media coverage somehow make them think it legitimises their positions. Do you actually trust them to do what’s right by you and yours?


People in the 40s who call their parents mummy and daddy still.


We had ideas above our station…we called them, Mater and Pater. :lou_lol:


And you didn’t get your first pair of long trousers until you were 18?



Don’t be ridiculous…I was 13…precocious child that I was.


What are long trousers?


They run around aimlessly at top speed and never actually get you anywhere worthwhile.


When super glue & gaffer tape won’t fix the Velcro flap on your waterproof trousers for the golf.
So you spend an hour searching for your wife’s sewing kit.
Then this.

And ouch.
How the fuck can I break a bloody needle. Don’t they normally just get stuck?


See thats when you need a maid


You needed a strong sewing machine to waterproof clothing. My partner ofte asks me to sew buttons on very thick clothing. He is sent to a local alterations place instead.


Sky Q and their shitty wifi mesh - the only device in the house that cant seem to find the Sky Hub router is the shitty Sky Q box

Can I replace the router - nope - they insist contractually that you have to use theirs - wankers


WT-a-F?? Have they got an asbestos lining in them??


I am girding my loins to phone Sky up to drop Sports and movies! Girding because they will inevitably try and sell me Sky Q at a discounted rate…


dont buy it - it is shit and will make you miserable

Even Alexa at her most obtuse doesn’t come close to the incandescent rage that trying to hook up the sky box to its own fucking hub can bring on



But what about the 10 gazillion programmes I can record whilst watching another? Surely it’s got to be worth it just for that?

Makes me laugh that they say you can have the Sky Q 2TB box and (up to) 4 satellite devices but you can only watch on 2 of the satellite boxes at the same time!!


Thats wonderful, but because the shitty Sky Q box wont connect to the shitty Sky hub, the shitty miniboxes dont work because they cant find the shitty Sky Q box (despite successfully connecting to the shitty Hub themselves) There fore you can’t get enough screen time to watch all those programmes because you have to compete with the rest of the family for the one shitty sky device that works - ironically the shitty Sky Q box because that can download from the satelite